Oct 2009: Top 3 Defendants In Need of a Very Good Criminal Defense Attorney

Accused: Raymond Clark (Guy Accused of Murding Annie Le, Yale Grad Student)

Raymond Clark Murderer

Accused Of: On Sept 8, 2009, 5 days before her wedding, Yale grad student Annie Le went missing. On September, 13, 2009, her body was found stuffedinside a wall at her research laboratory. The cause of death was strangulation. On September 17, 2009, Raymond Clark was arrested. Motive for the killing is unknown.

Charged With: First degree murder. The district attorney has not announced whether or not they will he will be charged with a Capital felony or Class A felony. His bail is set at $3 million.

What He Faces if Convicted: A Capital felony in Connecticut is punishable by execution or life in prison. A Class A felony is punishable by 25 to 60 years in prison. In order to get the death penalty, Clark would have to be convicted of either kidnapping or sexually assaulting her first. Given the amount of DNA evidence reported thus far, Clark appears headed for life in prison. Better get a Connecticut criminal lawyer.

Accused: Richard Heene (Father of Balloon Boy)

Criminal Richard Heene hugging son

Accused Of: On Oct 15, 2009, the Internet and US media were consumed with a UFO-looking helium balloon thought to be carrying a 6 year old boy, Falcon Heene, across the skies of Colorado. An hours long search seemingly ended happily when the boy was found in his attic. As the family hit the talk show tour, the story started unraveling when the boy mentioned to Larry King that he didn't come out because he was "doing it for the show." Richard Heene, a man who has previously pursued careers in acting and stand up comedy and is also a self-professed storm-chaser, appears to have masterminded a plan to market his family as the next reality TV hit, as a way to pay the bills.

Charged With: Yet to be charged, but could be charged with both misdemeanor and felony charges, including conspiracy to commit a crime, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, filing a false report with authorities and attempting to influence a public servant. Making a false report is a Class 3 misdemeanor in Colorado

What He Faces if Convicted: Hard to say until he is charged, but authorities are interested in making Heene liable for the needless waste of public resources. The most serious potential charges are felonies and carry a maximum of 6 years in prison. Help wanted: Colorado criminal defense attorney.

Accused: John William Lomax, Killer of Jasper Howard, Connecticut Football Player

Jasper Howard Football

Accused Of: On October 18, 2009, starting Connecticut football player, Jasper Howard was stabbed to death outside of the student union. A fight between two groups was started over an unreported issue and two people were stabbed. UPDATED: The police have arrested 3 people in connection with the slaying. John William Lomax, Hakim Muhammad and Jamal Todd.

Charged With: Lomax has been charged with murder. Hakim Muhammad has been charged with conspiracy to commit assault. Jamal Todd has been charged with pulling a fire alarm which caused the dance hall to be cleared and what is said to have triggered the fight. Voluntary manslaughter is death from "an intentional act done without malice or premeditation and while in the heat of passion or on sudden provocation."

What He Faces if Convicted: Manslaughter in the first degree is a Class B felony in Connecticut. The sentence is from 1 to 20 years in prison.

Civil Lawsuit Possibility: Jasper Howard's family may have a wrongful death lawsuit. Because the incident occurred on university property, do not be surprised if a civil lawsuit is pursued. Possible business for a Connecticut wrongful death lawyer.

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