Why Should I File a Workers' Comp Claim?

Here's why worker's compensation coverage is important, why a formal petition must be filed, and the benefits available under New Jersey state law.

Ok, let's face it. When you hear about someone collecting Workers' Compensation benefits, the first thing that crosses your mind is "Give me a break, I go to work with aches and pains all the time! People should be working, not complaining!"

Well, I want to dispel some of the myths that are associated with Workers' Compensation claims.

People who file Workers' Compensation claims are just like you. They are hardworking, honest, dedicated employees who unfortunately experienced an injury at their job. I'm not talking about sprains and strains. Instead, think broken bones, herniated discs, torn rotator cuffs, and traumatic brain injuries. In other words, the types of serious injuries proven and supported by medical evidence that have long term limitations.

What Benefits Are Available?

By law in New Jersey, injured workers are entitled to three really important benefits. Benefits they need in order to get better, pay their bills, and compensate them for their permanent injury. If you're ever hurt at work, you'll need to know about these three benefits.

Medical Treatment

The first and most important benefit is payment in full for medical treatment. That means emergency room bills, MRIs and X-rays, diagnostic testing, surgery, physical therapy and even psychological testing to help deal with catastrophic injuries. You are not responsible for any of the bills associated with your injury. Not one cent. No co-pays, no deductibles. Why should you pay anything if you don't have to?

Wage Replacement

The second benefit is wage replacement, also known as temporary disability payments. This means that if your authorized doctor says you can't work due to your injury, you will receive monetary weekly benefits from your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier commensurate with your wage and rate. Those payments will continue as long as you are receiving authorized care, awaiting surgery or recovering. Protecting your right to wage replacement is just another reason to file a claim.

Long-Term Losses

The third benefit compensates you for the long term effects of your injury, also known as permanency benefits. Let's say you experienced a lifting injury that resulted in a herniated disc in your back. Hopefully you make a full recovery, get back to work, and have little or no residuals from that injury. Unfortunately, there are many people who go on to have physical limitations despite the best care. That doesn't mean you can't work or enjoy life! It just means that you have to be more careful. How much you are paid depends on your unique injury, occupation, job function and personal lifestyle. Receiving compensation for your permanent injury is something you are unlikely to get without filing a claim.

Do you see now why Workers' Compensation benefits are so important? Without them, thousands of workers each year would find themselves lacking medical treatment, income and compensation for their injuries. There's no two ways about it. Workers' Compensation benefits help thousands of workers each year and are there for YOU if you need them.

Have you or a loved one been injured at work and don't know where to turn to ensure ALL of your rights are protected? Don't navigate this maze alone! Call me today to discuss your injury. The consultation is free and I am only paid if I get you favorable results.

Take care and work safely.

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