Will my Divorce be affected by Coronavirus?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, a lot of things have been put on hold so far. However, your divorce should not be one of them. A lot of people ask questions about how this pandemic could affect the divorce process. That’s why this article will help you to prepare yourself and learn about how COVID-19 can affect your divorce. Remember, you can still get a divorce without leaving your house with companies like Hello Divorce, even if both of you are currently quarantined together. All you need to do is to complete your divorce online, which is not as complex as you may think.

What will happen to my divorce case if I or my ex gets sick with COVID-19 before the appearance to court?

Most importantly, if you suspect you have coronavirus, you should not appear in court. Most courts are offering virtual hearings at the same time. You can get more details by checking your local court website.

If you get sick several days before your appearance in court, you cannot appear in person at court. Therefore, you should contact your spouse to agree upon a continuance. Moreover, some local courts have different instructions, it is better if you call the general line for the family law clerk to know about those instructions.

What will happen to my divorce case if the court system closes down due to the COVID-19?

Many courts have been partially or fully closed since the outbreak of coronavirus. However, some courts are still open for emergencies. Therefore, you should check the updates on the California court system and the instructions they provide. When the court is back in session, the cases will be heard as scheduled. In the same way, the missed cases will be rescheduled and you will be notified by the court.

What will happen if one of our kids gets COVID-19?

It is a scenario that both of you should discuss now. When you and your spouse get agreed on a co-parenting agreement, you should discuss and follow the procedures if your child gets hurt or needs medical assistance. Similarly, if any of your kids get coronavirus, the same process will stand. The only thing you need to plan is where that child should stay during the quarantine.

What if my ex is not taking coronavirus seriously that could impact our kids’ health?

If your ex is not safely co-parenting, you have got all the rights to seek legal guidance right away. In case your spouse has come into contact with the COVID-19 and puts your kids in risky situations, a professional lawyer can help you to keep your kids safe and sound.

A divorce is an uncertain time for all of us. But, uncertain things can bring us together as well. For that purpose, it is important to have honest, open communication with your ex. Remember, discussing “what if” is so important even if you are not friendly towards each other. It is the right time for both of you to get an agreement and clarity on how to further proceed with paperwork or negotiations.

Your co-parenting might need to change in light of the COVID-19. To complete your divorce paperwork including financial disclosures, you can do this online at Hello Divorce with our Divorce Navigator. We will do everything to closely work with you and your ex to help you proceed with a divorce process.

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