Why Should I Hire an Attorney Soon After My Accident?

Why Should I Hire an Attorney Soon After My Accident?

If you’ve read law firm websites, you’ve probably seen the “call to action” that you should call the office if not today, then now. Attorneys want more clients but retaining an attorney quickly after your injury, most importantly, benefits you. If you follow legal advice right after your accident, your compensation may be higher, you may have fewer hassles, and your case may resolve faster than if you tried to go it alone.

No matter your circumstances, at attorney can help.

After Receiving Medical Attention, Get Legal Help

Your health should be your priority. To recover and get back to normal as much as you can, as quickly as you can, you need a team supporting you. That can be family members, friends, co-workers, your physician, and your physical therapist. Part of that team should be an attorney.

You may have lost income, perhaps even your job. Your injuries may be very painful and take a long time to heal. The situation may have impacted your relationships, and your future may not seem as bright because of the long-term consequences of your injuries. Lost income, pain, and suffering, and negative impacts on relationships, both past and future, may be recovered through an insurance claim or lawsuit. They’re meant to make you as whole as possible after your losses.

Your attorney can help you get that compensation, which can aid in your recovery and make putting your life back together easier. Like the rest of your team, your lawyer is trying to make things right.

If you represent yourself, you’re adding to the burdens you’re dealing with. Attorneys can lighten your load, and thanks to our knowledge and experience, will probably be more successful in getting a fair and reasonable settlement. We can deal with the insurance company, investigate your accident, build your case and negotiate a settlement while you focus on recovery and your family.

How Quickly Should I Hire an Attorney?

You shouldn’t waste time, but don’t feel compelled to hire the first lawyer you talk to. You need to retain the person who’s the best fit for you and your case. You need to trust the person and feel comfortable with the fact they’re handling a very important matter for you.

Talk to the attorneys you’re considering. Get a feel for their approach and personality. Ask them about their experience and track record. Find out how much of their time is spent on accident injury matters. Ask about their process, what they think of your case, and what your best options are.

The bottom line is trust. If you find someone you trust, you should seriously consider retaining them. Attorneys should understand that trust is earned every day through hard work, honesty, knowledge, skills, and personal service.

How Does Retaining an Attorney Soon After an Accident Help Me?

The earlier we can get to work, the less likely you’ll make mistakes, and we can start building your case. We’ll put together evidence, gather medical records, determine the accident’s cause, and communicate with the insurance company. If you retain an attorney, they will usually do all these things so you won’t have to.

Without realizing it and without getting advice from an attorney, you could harm your claim. When you get medical treatment and rehabilitation, you must remember it’s not just for your health, it also helps document your injuries, pain level, and progress. These are all critical to your claim. Your medical records will be reviewed by the insurance company. They’ll look for reasons to reject your claim or reduce how much they’ll pay.

1. Your Recovery and How It’s Documented

You must be honest with those working with you, without being so cheery and positive they write in their notes you’re in a great mood and feeling no pain. If you miss appointments, don’t follow instructions, and are not making progress, you’ll be blamed, and the insurance company will offer less money. If you disagree with a healthcare provider’s proposed treatment, that shouldn’t be a problem if your opinion is reasonable and there’s another way for you to improve.

2. Loose Lips Sink Lawsuits

Another thing to avoid is talking too much about your case to too many people, especially on social media. Let us talk because what you say to others is fair game for the insurance company. They’re investigating the accident too, including what you disclose to others to see if there’s evidence you may be lying and trying to make your injuries appear worse than they actually are.

3. Evidence Can Be Lost, Witnesses May Forget What Happened

If we’re involved early in a case, attorneys can make sure we get essential evidence to support your claim. If you were involved in a car accident, don’t have your totaled car hauled away to a junkyard. It should be thoroughly documented and examined by an accident reconstruction expert. They will look at it to decide how you were hit and how it impacted you, causing your injuries.

We will also talk to witnesses, who may forget key issues if too much time passes. Our firm may also get security camera footage of the accident, which may be lost over time. We will request the other party not change out or destroy evidence in their possession.

Getting a lawyer involved in your case late is better than never, but it can make our job much more difficult. That can impact the quality of the evidence and your case’s settlement value.

Contributed by: Tyler Fleck

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