What to Know About Terminating Child Support in New Jersey

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Child support is important to the well-being of a child. As a result, child support payments are taken very seriously in New Jersey. But, these expenses can be difficult to keep up with. You may be wondering if/when you can terminate your child support agreement. Read on to learn more about terminating child support in New Jersey.

How is Child Support Determined in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, both parents have a legal obligation to support their child financially. In order to determine who pays child support and how much will be paid, a court will examine the following factors:

The financial status of each parent

Who has physical custody of the child

Any income, debt, and assets of each parent

Each parent’s earning capacity

Each parent’s work history

The child’s needs

The child’s age/health

The child’s education

The cost of providing for the child

Can I Stop Paying Child Support?

As stated previously, child support is taken very seriously in New Jersey. As a result, it can be difficult to terminate payments. But, there are a number of reasons to stop paying child support. It is important to note that you cannot stop paying child support until it is officially stated by a New Jersey court. Some of the reasons to terminate child support include:

The cost of living of the supporting parent has increased and they can no longer afford to pay child support

The dependent parent recently remarried or has entered into a cohabiting relationship with another person and no longer needs child support

The supporting parent suffered a serious injury or illness that requires medical assistance and they are left with few funds to take care of their child

The federal income tax laws have changed and the dependent parent cannot keep up

The income of the supporting parent has decreased or they have become unemployed

The dependent parent’s income has increased or they went from being unemployed to attaining a job and income

What is the Age of Emancipation in New Jersey?

Often, child support payments continue until the child reaches the age of emancipation. In New Jersey, this age is generally 19-years-old. That being said, there are a number of reasons why child support payments may continue past this age. For example, if a child intends to pursue higher education, child support payments may be extended.

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