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Across the United States, attorney fees can range wildly depending on a ton of different variables. The type of law, obviously, plays a large role, and today we'll focus on what personal injury attorneys across the US typically charge, but other factors play into the pricing and fee structures as well for personal injury attorneys, such as cost of living in the area and the size and type of firm that you are hiring to represent you.

While many lawyers who handle cases like divorce or criminal charges elect to charge their clients hourly, personal injury attorneys are known for utilizing a varying set of fee structures in order to determine their payment. This is due to nature of personal injury law--after an accident, victims usually don't have the money up-front to pay an attorney by the hour, so to relieve that burden temporarily, lawyers

Fees for Personal Injury Attorneys

Contingency Fees

Contingency fees are often the most common way that personal injury lawyers will structure their pricing, taking a percentage of the total settlement that comes from the court cases instead of charging upfront or billing as the case unfolds. Contingency fees, while convenient and helpful in cases where a victim's bank account is wiped out, will not come at a low price, since your attorney will have to ensure that you either win your case or settle in order to get a payday for their month and sometimes years of work.

Expect contingency fees to cover from around 30% up to 40% of whatever settlement you earn from your case. No matter which type of fee structure your lawyer ultimately uses, there will be costs associated with your case not related to the payment that your lawyer receives, and these will also come out of your settlement. Always be sure to get your agreement with your attorney in writing no matter which route you decide to help you understand these costs well in advance.


Most personal injury attorneys use the contingency fee structure, but for smaller cases where there is less hands-on advice needed or no large settlement expected, going the hourly route may be a better option for you and your bank account.

Be aware, however, that this payment option is not going to come cheap, as most attorneys across the United States will charge anywhere from $100-$400 an hour for their services, perhaps more in higher cost-of-living areas. If you only have a few things to consult with an attorney upon, this will be vastly less expensive than using an attorney to help you through a more complex and complicated case.

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