What Is The Process to Get Pre-settlement Funding?

Navigating through the process of getting pre-settlement funding can be quite stressful. Especially if you are already stressed because of your trial, going through all the paperwork is probably the last thing you want to do. Tribeca lawsuit loans’ pre-settlement funding process has therefore been made as straightforward as possible. Even though every pre-settlement funding application is unique, there are some similar steps. We have summarized all the different steps in a clear and easy manner in this article below.

1. Step 1: Get In Contact

One of the easiest yet sometimes hardest steps is to get the ball rolling. With Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, you can rest assured that you will be able to get an assessment, cost-free, and commitment-free. If you prefer you can also fill out the online form and we can give you a callback. We understand the stress that comes with a pending lawsuit, a lot of other worries start materializing. If you have had an accident, you might not be able to work anymore, and as a direct consequence, you will lose your job. In most cases, this will lead to losing the medical cover that came with the job. Knowing you will be able to receive a lot of money at the end of your lawsuit is beyond frustrating, especially if you need it straight away.

Get in contact so Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can give you a cash advance of your expected settlement. All conversations are confidential, we will never ask you for a consultation fee. We are here to help you out of your financial troubles. Call us now on 866-388-2288 to fill out the online form.

2. Step 2: Connect Us With Your Lawyer

You should use all your energy to recuperate from your injury. Luckily, we mainly require a lot of legal documents from your lawyer. The only thing you need to do is give us permission to speak to your lawyer. This can be with a quick phone call or another form of written confirmation. It is important and compulsory to have a lawyer appointed who has been doing the groundwork on all matters relating to your lawsuit.

3. Step 3: Your Lawyer Needs to Send Us Evidence

The lawyer who has been working on your case will know it inside out and will be able to take us through the relevant questions we have for your lawsuit. They will have collected all the paperwork supporting your claim and have prepared the legal strategy to approach your lawsuit. A well-organized lawyer will have all the costs broken down and is able to present a legal funding company with all the relevant documentation supporting your lawsuit. This is the determining factor in how quickly your pre-settlement funding will get approved. If your lawyer has everything ready then your application can be approved within a day.

4. Step 4: Your Funding is Approved

As soon as we have all the relevant evidence, we can assess your application. If everything is presented in a clear and organized manner, this will make it easier for a legal funding company to determine the overall robustness of your case.

5. Step 5: Your Funding is Paid Out

When your pre-settlement application has been processed and approved, part of the expected settlement will be paid out to you so you can pay your bills. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans upon approval of your pre-settlement funding application will be able to have the cash advance deposited into your bank account within 24 hours. When you have been offered pre-settlement funding, this means that a legal funding company is confident that you will win your case. With a pre-settlement loan, you will be able to have no financial worries until the end of your lawsuit.

When a legal funding company, like Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, offers you pre-settlement funding they are confident you will win your case. All our legal funding is therefore non-recourse. This means that in the highly unlikely event that you do not win your lawsuit, you will never be obliged or liable in any way to repay the cash advance. This should give the plaintiff extra peace of mind.

What Happens Next?

Now you need to make sure you look after yourself and get better. Your lawsuit is robust, your bills are getting paid and now you need to sit and wait and get your life back together. You can get the necessary medical treatment you need, rebuild your house, and get psychological support.

To Summarize

Call us to initiate the pre-settlement application process and put us in contact with your lawyer. Your lawyer will present us with all the evidence supporting your claim. Upon approval of your pre-settlement funding application, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans is able to send you the cash advance within 24 hours.

Get in contact by calling us on (866) 388-2288