Reporting Unsafe Driving from Truck Drivers

As is true for any type of driver, truck drivers have the duty to conduct their commercial motor vehicles in a way that ensures public safety. For this to occur, truck drivers do a series of safety tests before driving, including ensuring their cargo is secure, checking their equipment, and checking the tire pressure levels. However, there have been many accidents that have been the direct result of the truck driver themselves, not their truck or its equipment.

Reckless driving is a task that nobody driving should take part of, even more if the person is conducting a big rig. What happens in the event that you are driving and notice that another truck driver is driving carelessly? This article will demonstrate how you can report unsafe big rig driving.

Contact the Police

The most efficient way to report unsafe driving is by contacting your local police department. By immediately being connected with a dispatcher who would inform nearby police of a driver's unsafe driving conditions, a patrol vehicle can find and identify the truck driver, pull them over, and avoid a disastrous car accident.

Contact the TxDPS

The Texas Department of Public Safety is the main regulator of driving in the state of Texas. The TxDPS has a special division called the "Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Service" which is specifically designed to enforce driving regulations with big rig trucks. The CVE is one of the main authorities that deal with truck driving, which is why a complaint made to them would be taken in very serious terms.

Contact the NCCDB

Similarly to the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Service, the United States has a division titled the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), whose task is to ensure commercial driving safety throughout the United States. If you are on the road and believe that a truck driver was driving recklessly, the FMCSA would contact the National Consumer Complaint Database, who would record the complaint towards the truck driver. If any of the above mentioned agencies launches an investigation and finds that a truck driver has placed others in direct danger, then the truck driver could have his commercial license suspended and could pay a fine.

Remember, lives do not have to suffer because of the wrongdoings of others. If you see unsafe driving by a truck driver or any type of driver, contact a state or federal agency to for the matter to be resolved in a fast and safe manner.

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