Top Reasons for a Disability Claim Denial

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To understand the reasons why more disability claims face denial than approval, it is important to look at the details.

The SSDI is a federally administered financial aid program for individuals with a disabling condition that prevent them from working to earn their living. Claims need to be made with medical proof of disability attached, including records of medical treatment and care received. The records are required to prove the condition is disabling enough to prevent the individual from being gainfully employed. Medical conditions that can allow you to receive SSDI benefits are listed, and applicants must take care to claim benefits accordingly. The list is long and encompasses most seriously disabling conditions, including mental illnesses. However, it is vital that the application meet all eligibility criteria diligently or face immediate rejection. Despite applicants taking care, more claims are denied than approved.

Here are some of the reasons disability claims face denial:

· Non-medical reasons

Insufficient work credits, excessive delays in representation, and delays in presentation of records can lead to denials. Further, even though there are legal processes and laws in place regarding disability, all of these are subject to personal interpretation by the individuals who handle the review processes. All of these are factors that can influence the disability claim application and become one of the reasons for denial.

· Medical condition not eligible for financial aid

SSDI benefits are approved only after stringent reviews. As a result, the medical conditions are laid out and regulations surrounding submission of claims are pretty water-tight. One of the worst things realized by an applicant already fighting disability is the knowledge that their medical condition is not eligible and the claim may be denied.

· Improper application and presentation of records

Submission of claims for SSDI benefits must be done as per criteria laid out by the Social Security authorities administering the program. If the application is incomplete, not accompanied by required documentation, or other necessary paperwork, the claim is subject to denial. Check out the Social Security Disability benefits checklist here before moving forward.

· Filing a case that is not strong enough

Medical condition disabling? Check. Social Security dues paid? Check. Work history logs in adequate credits? Check. But if the case itself still falls short of the requisite eligibility criteria, grounds exist for a denial. There is scope for reconsideration, but an already weak case stands even lower chance of approval the second time round.

Not Hiring a Professional

This can become a legitimate reason by itself for disability claims facing denials. Why? Because, on an average, around 64% of initial disability claims face rejection annually. Only about 36% receive approval. When it comes to reconsideration rates, the approval dips down to about 13.8%.

Benefits denial can be complicated to understand. Laws differ from state to state. Hawaii approval rates for initial disability claims is about 52%, Mississippi rates dip to 24%. The SSA authorities have a team of reviewers that include disability examiners. These examiners must be convinced of the veracity of the disability records and documents. Applications may also be denied if the amount of Social Security paid out by the individual does not meet the amount needed to be eligible for aid. Claims that are presented with contents that are closest to eligibility requirements have higher chances of approval.

Regardless of the medical condition causing the disability, if you are considering filing an SSDI claim, reach out to a professional Social Security Disability Lawyer to increase your chances of getting an approval. At a time when you are facing the potential of lifelong disability, the last thing you need is the hassle involved with getting the right documentation ready. This is apart from the fact that it is almost impossible for a disabled person to physically run around collecting the required proof.

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