These are important questions to help gather evidence after a truck accident in Knoxville

Knoxville, TN - When a person has been harmed by a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle, they will want to bring a civil lawsuit to help pay for their costs. However, winning the lawsuit or negotiating a settlement successfully is often contingent on being able to show evidence of fault by the commercial driver through various means. A review of a few crucial questions with a truck accident lawyer in Knoxville can help provide this evidence and increase the victim’s chances of success in court.

Where did the crash happen?

Things like road conditions, surrounding traffic, construction sites, the speed limit in the area, visibility, weather, and other factors can all be very important pieces of evidence in an accident lawsuit. Reviewing exactly where the crash happened can help provide a large volume of information about who was possibly at fault and if the truck driver made any poor decisions based on the environment.

Were hazardous materials involved?

Trucking companies need special permission, and drivers must also have advanced qualifications if they are going to be transporting hazardous materials. These facts about hazardous materials are important because the business should have been extra careful to secure the hazards and ensure that the driver would not be involved in an accident. People who are exposed to hazardous materials during the accident can also experience additional health problems and injuries.

Did any noticeable traffic violations occur?

One of the best ways to prove negligence is to show that a driver who caused the collision was speeding, made illegal turns or lane changes, disobeyed a stop sign or red light, or engaged in other kinds of reckless behavior. If the trucker seemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this is also very significant evidence of negligence.

What were the results of the accident investigation?

Many truck accidents in Tennessee are investigated by either local law enforcement, the state police, or the NTSB in very serious collisions that can have national safety implications. These investigations can notice a number of different potential problems, including if the truck driver was following all of the relevant safety regulations. Everything from the size and weight of the vehicle to the number of hours that the driver can work in a day is regulated. If there were violations of any of these rules, this can be a very important matter for the victim and their attorney to know, as this can also be used to show a deviation from the relevant standard of care.

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