When Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

Why would you need to hire a tax attorney?

The decision to hire the services of a tax attorney when a taxpayer owes the IRS is vital. For complex tax problems, having an attorney can significantly improve a taxpayer's chances of reaching the most beneficial resolution.

Tax Attorney Help for Taxpayers

Attorneys help taxpayers understand tax laws and procedures for possible resolutions, while dissecting IRS policies and tax codes to maximize the benefits they can achieve.

A tax attorney negotiates with the IRS on behalf of a taxpayer for a fast and effective resolution of a tax case. Most taxpayers find it difficult to negotiate with the IRS because they are not familiar with tax codes, tax laws, and IRS programs and policies. Hiring a tax attorney can help a taxpayer save time and effort with paperwork and lengthy procedures.

(Before you hire a tax attorney, get the information you need in our guide to tax laws).

Qualifications of a Tax Attorney

When choosing a tax attorney, it is best to check their qualifications. Avoid tax attorneys who cannot verify their education, certification, or background. A legitimate attorney must have a Juris Doctorate degree, and be certified by their state bar to practice law.

Most tax attorneys specialize in certain areas of the tax code because the U.S. tax code is massive. Taxpayers should hire an attorney who specializes in the area they need assistance in.

(To learn more about your options for help with tax law issues, see, "Getting Help with Tax: CPA's, Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents").

Choosing a Tax Attorney

Tax resolution companies have tax attorneys on their staff to help taxpayers reach the best possible solution to their tax problems. An advantage of choosing tax resolution companies over individual tax attorneys is that a company has a team of experts who pool their expertise together in order to help taxpayers reach a resolution quickly and affordably.

(Search our directory to find tax attorneys near you.)

We are a full-service tax resolution firm that helps taxpayers get out of tax problems easily. The company's team consists of tax attorneys who are proficient in tax law and have over 125 years of combined experience in the tax industry. Apart from tax attorneys, we have Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and even an ex-IRS agent to provide the best tax solutions to American taxpayers.

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