State Tax in Oregon

All Oregon income tax returns are to due for the 15th of April or the next business day if the 15th is a holiday or if it falls on a weekend.

There are three income tax rates for single and husband/wife separate filers in Oregon:

  1. Five per cent on the first $ 2,850 of taxable income
  2. Seven per cent for a taxable income between $ 2,851 and $ 7,150
  3. Nine per cent for a taxable income of $ 7,151 and over

It is important to note that those taxpayers in Oregon that qualify as 'domestic' partners are entitled by State Legislation for State Tax deduction. Also, for married couples and joint filers the tax rates remain the same but the tax brackets are doubled.

Sales Tax Laws in great State of Oregon

The Beaver State (the nickname of Oregon) does not levy any sales tax on its residents.

The tax on gasoline is 25 cents a gallon and diesel is taxed 24.3 cents per gallon in the great State of Oregon. This is exclusive of local taxes which can be between one to three cents per gallon. The cigarettes are taxed $1.18 for a pack of 20 cigarettes.

Personal Property and Inheritance Tax in Oregon

County assessors are tasked with the assessment of all personal and business property including homes, commercial, property, fixed machinery, and equipment. However, in Oregon there is no tax on vehicles, personal items (and personal belongings), business consumables (and inventories), crops, and orchards. Eligible citizens in Oregon can claim deferral of property taxes from Oregon Department of Revenue. The State of Oregon has inheritance tax. The State Inheritance Tax is levied on the value of the total assets of the deceased.

Oregon Department of Revenue and Stats for State Tax

Presently Oregon Department of Revenue is headed by Director Elizabeth Harchenko.
In 2004 The State of Oregon collected $ 4.922 million in revenue. This equated to average revenue per capita of $ 1,369.28 for the State of Oregon which is roughly 4.67 per cent.

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