State Tax in Alaska

The residents of most states in the U.S. are constantly trying to find ways to pay their taxes. Each year working adults have to pay both the state and federal government taxes on their income and property. In addition to paying taxes each year taxes are taken out of their wages to ensure at least part of these taxes are paid and other taxes such as sales tax are placed on items used each and everyday. This taxation can be stressful and strain even the most carefully thought out budget but some states like Alaska give suffers a much needed break from taxation.

Sales Tax in Alaska

Surprisingly the state of Alaska does not charge residents any sales or usage tax. This means that the average resident does not have to worry about paying taxes on food, clothing, or any other necessities including medicine and other supplies. However, tourists coming through Alaska often end up getting a bit of a surprise. Some cities in Alaska do charges a small sales tax that does not exceed seven per cent. Many of the cities that charge sales tax are ones that attract tourists and travelers who do not mind paying a small sales tax because they simply do not know that must individuals in Alaska never pay a sales tax.

Miscellaneous Alaska Taxes

State tax in Alaska does not stop at sales taxes. There are other items in Alaska that are taxed providing the state government with some much needed revenue. However, these taxes are extremely low especially when directly compared to the taxes in other states such as California.

Gasoline and diesel are both taxed in Alaska in the same way they are taxed in most states. Each gallon of gasoline or diesel has a tax of eight cents per gallon. This is only a small fraction of what other states charge. The only tax that is comparable to other states is the tax on cigarettes which is $2.00 per pack in most cities and $3.32 per pack in Anchorage.

Income and Property Tax Law

Most homeowners in the United States dread paying property taxes on their homes and workers hate paying taxes on their income. If you are someone that is tired of being heavily taxed consider visiting Alaska. There is no state tax in Alaska on intangible property, personal income, or retirement income! Only one-fourth of the municipalities assess property taxes for the homes of their residents.

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