Real Estate in Wyoming

It's perfectly acceptable for you to handle your own real estate transactions in Wyoming. In fact, in some cases, it might actually be easier than dealing with an agent or two. However, real estate agents have access to information the normal person does not, and they can often find you the house of your dreams. However, there are specific laws in Wyoming outlining what real estate agents may not do. If you find your agent offering you advice that seems unethical, you shouldn't hesitate to contact the Wyoming Real Estate Commission.

Buyer and Seller Using the Same Agent

It's not illegal for the buyer and seller to be represented by the same real estate agent. In this case, the agent must walk a fine line between being honest with both sides while at the same time not betraying anyone's trust or confidence. Some agents may recommend that you hire an agent of your own if they feel that the negotiation phase of the purchase is going to be difficult or require a lot of work. However, generally real estate agents are willing to work for both parties, and rarely is there any conflict of interest. If you are at all concerned, discuss your worries with the agent before agreeing to use them.


A real estate agent should never charge you for anything upfront—they generally get a percentage of the final closing cost. This is why real estate agents work so hard to find you a home you'll be happy with. They don't make a cent until you actually purchase a piece of property. The only thing you should be asked to pay before the closing is your earnest money, which is a small fee that shows the seller you are serious about purchasing their property. This fee will be subtracted from the total cost of the property at the closing, so it's not money lost. If the deal falls through, your earnest money will be returned to you. If an agent tries to get you to pay for anything, immediately start to question their ethics and contact the real estate commission.

Making a Complaint

If you do decide that your real estate agent has committed an unethical act or has broken your confidence in some way, you must make a written complaint to the Wyoming Real Estate Commission. The commission will evaluate your complaint and may, if necessary, contact you and the agent for more information. The Wyoming Certified Real Estate Appraisal Board will then conduct a detailed investigation. Depending on their findings, the real estate agent may be fined or may even lose their real estate license.

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