Real Estate in Ohio

Laws vary from state to state, and this is just as true for Ohio real estate laws. Often enough, consumers go into dealing with agents and loan officers, without knowing the real deal as far as laws and regulations. You could be spending way more money than you need to on real estate transaction fees and on the property itself. If you want to be sure you have the best deal, a real estate lawyer can help.

Why You Might Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Do you know the current commission rates for agents, and what is appropriate and fair of them to ask you? Do you know if the owner actually does own the property, free and clear and out from under liens? Sometimes it is hard to tell from the agents and owners, especially if they are not under contract to work with you. A lawyer can help determine these things.

There is a commission in Ohio that deals in real estate. It regulates the laws about real estate in that area, and handles most of the licensing of real estate agents. This commission can help with more common issues and questions, though it is not a replacement for a lawyer, who can help you with your specific needs. Though you can talk to the commission and ask about the legitimacy of your real estate agent and talk with them further about specific laws in Ohio.

How to Find a Ohio Real Estate Lawyer?

Local bar associations can help you find a lawyer that can handle your real estate transactions. You should not ask the agent or loan officer you are dealing with for a recommendation. If you do have friends or family in the area that have conducted business with a real estate lawyer before, you can ask them for recommendations.

Before you hire an attorney to handle your Ohio real estate transactions, you should make sure to interview your attorney, and review him as well. He or she should be open about answering your questions, and seem competent in answering. It helps to get a lawyer who is willing to answer your questions up front.

While you are not required to hire a lawyer, you should have one on your side when you buy or sell a property to make sure everything is running smoothly, and the Ohio Real Estate Commission does recommend you use one. You can also review current real estate laws online if you have additional questions, or contact the commission. You always want to be sure you are getting a fair deal. Real estate is a big investment, and it can be scary if it is your first time. You want as many people on your side as possible when picking and choosing real estate, or selling a property.

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