Real Estate in New Hampshire

If you are looking to buy or sell a house in New Hampshire, the New Hampshire real estate laws might be slightly different as compared to other states. You might find exceptions to what you might be used to. As always, you should check with local commission regulations, and in this case, it would be the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission, to determine specific laws and to seek help when you have questions or concerns.

Important Advise for New Hampshire Real Estate Consumers

The commission in New Hampshire specifically states that you should have a written agreement, a hiring contract, when doing business, to establish a duty of loyalty. If this isn't in writing, as accurately as the law requires, the agent can be hired by the seller. Thus, the agent may option to help the seller more than a buyer. While the real estate agents always must show the property and be honest and accurate as required by law, the agent might not be 100% working for you, but working for the seller as well.

So in such a case, if you are talking to agents, and you do not have a legally binding agreement yet, be careful about the information you disclose to him or her. This person is not fully on ‘your team' yet. You don't want to reveal information that you don't want the seller to know.

Regulation of Real Estate Agents in New Hampshire

As required by law, New Hampshire real estate agents are required to give you specific information, whether they are working specifically for you as the buyer, or if you are the seller, you should also see to it that the agent follows all regulated put forth by the commission before you begin a transaction. Some of these details include dealing honestly and fairly to all parties involved, and disclosing any significant problems that the licensee is aware of.

Agents must not misrepresent anything that would affect the value of the property, either positively or negatively. There should also not be false promises or pressure in purchasing or selling. The commission regulates this very closely and if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the commission at any time.

When dealing in New Hampshire real estate, you can expect that most agents are following the law, though you should always keep your eye out. Know the law, and if you need contact a separate, none biased attorney to look over your transactions and to be present when possible. It always helps to have more people on your team when making real estate transactions.

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