Real Estate in Nebraska

Nebraska holds many opportunities for both buyers and sellers of Nebraska real estate, and yet some of the laws are slightly different in compared to other states. If you are not familiar with such laws, then you should become informed before doing business. There are many things that benefit both buyers and sellers and can mean a smooth transaction for everyone involved. Here are a few suggestions about what you can expect when dealing in real estate in Nebraska.

Working with a Real Estate Licensee in Nebraska

If a Nebraska real estate licensee contacts you, he or she would probably give you an informational brochure that describes what the agency can do for you, and what services they could provide. Such a contact helps a seller to establish a common goal and the real estate agent can help the seller become familiar with Listing Agreements, as set forth by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission. The state actually has a Deputy Director of Enforcement that ensures that you are treated well and can help answer your questions about the responsibilities of a real estate licensee in your area.

Selling Real Estate Yourself in Nebraska

Nebraska law is a bit different when you are trying to sell a property yourself. For example, if you are selling a residential unit, usually a property consisting of one to four units on a property, there is a required Seller Property Condition Disclosure Form, which must be completed. This should be given to all potential buyers before they are under obligation to buy the property. The Nebraska Real Estate Commission will provide one of these forms for you, or you can visit their website if you need to get it from there.

You also have the complete option to accept offers for your property, to reject the offer, or to make a counter offer as you wish. There is a specific Purchase Agreement, which must be filled out when a transaction is being completed. Again, the Nebraska Real Estate Commission will have a copy of this for you.

The commission and Nebraska real estate agents are available to help you sell your home or buy a home the way you would like to. If you have any questions at any particular time about your real estate transactions, you can usually call or write and ask about details to your questions. It can be a big help if you are unfamiliar with the real estate laws that are in place in Nebraska.

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