Real Estate in Massachusetts

Massachusetts can be a great state in which to live. Boston contains many reminders of our country's rich and interesting history as well as many unique modern architectural elements. Other areas of the state contain beautiful neighborhoods centered around schools, universities, and trendy boutique streets. However, before deciding to buy or sell a home of any type anywhere Massachusetts, it is wise to make certain you are familiar with some of the real estate regulations that may be different in this state.

Massachusetts Regulations

Like every state, Massachusetts has specific real estate laws that are meant to ensure the safety of each dwelling being bought or sold. Here are two of the specifics of the regulations in this state:

  • Real estate agents must present all offers to a seller according to state law. The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons has decided that offers must be presented up until the point when an agreement for sale has been signed. In many other states, real estate agents do not continue to look for buyers or show property after an offer has been made; however, it is against Massachusetts to close a property to offers.
  • Property sellers and their real estate agents are not required to tell prospective buyers if the property is "psychologically impacted." In other words, if the home was the setting of the death—either by murder or suicide—of a previous occupant or if the home had some other violent history, the property sellers and their agents do not have to tell prospective buyers. However, they cannot be deceitful if buyers ask questions about the property's past.

Septic System and Cesspool Regulations

The state of Massachusetts has specific rules for properties that are serviced by private waste systems such as cesspools and septic systems. Licensed inspectors and soil evaluators must inspect each such property within two years before the property is put up for sale (or within three years if the owner has the system pumped at least once per year). It can be acceptable to arrange a post-sale inspection within six months of the sale if the weather prohibits inspection beforehand.

Is Now a Good Time to Sell?

The Massachusetts housing market is seeing a strong upturn from the way it has been over the last several years. Single family home prices have increased about 120 per cent in the last 10 years and home sales are strong.

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