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A real estate attorney is an essential part of any real estate transaction process. It does not matter if the client is selling a home or business, buying a new home or business, or investing in income producing property a real estate attorney will make sure all the documentation and contracts reflect the best interests of his/her client. Real estate transactions are complicated and intricate without proper and informed advice a buyer or seller is susceptible to a number of problems and complications as well as at the mercy of scam artists and unscrupulous brokers. A competent real estate attorney will make sure all the required documents and contractual obligations are correct and legal by the time the real estate transaction goes to closing.

A real estate attorney can help owners, buyers, and sellers with a variety of real estate transactions issues including negotiating disputes, drawing up contracts, assessment of terms, and reviewing transaction agreements. A real estate attorney can assure that a transaction is permissible by law and viable for his/her client regardless of the type of property or real estate issue including residential properties, commercial properties, foreclosures, neighbor disputes, zoning compliance, inspection requirements, land use, and much more.

Anyone considering the purchase or sale of real property should consult with a real estate attorney before making any decision. A well-informed real estate attorney will work closely with his/her client to make sure that the client understands all the aspects of the deal and the real estate transaction is transparent and in the best interest of the client.

The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act established the Federal guidelines for any real estate transaction. All parties to a real estate transaction must abide by these rules and guidelines at a Federal level. However, there are local laws that are specific to every jurisdiction and each state has its own individual laws that must be considered in any real estate transaction.

A Real Estate Attorney can protect his/her clients from any of the following:

  • Omission of required disclosure information from RESPA
  • Increased settlement cost practices
  • Unlawful commission charges
  • Undisclosed contract adjustments

A real estate attorney can explain the procedure from beginning to end and leave no room for misinterpretation or error. Real estate law is very complex but a competent real estate attorney is well versed in contractual law, mortgage financing rights, and settlement procedures to ensure that you get the best possible deal. This experience and knowledge makes him/her a valuable ally in your real estate transaction.

Take the safe road for you and your family when considering a real estate transaction. Consult with a real estate attorney before you sign any real estate documents.

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