Real Estate in Arizona

In order to become a real estate agent in Arizona you must provide satisfactory evidence that you are honest, truthful, of good character and competent. You cannot have had a real estate license denied within one year, or revoked within two years immediately preceding applying. You must be at least 18 years old, and you must have completed at least 90 classroom hours of Arizona real estate courses. You must also pass both a school and state examination on the course.

Requirements for Becoming a Real Estate Broker in Arizona

As an applicant for the real estate broker license in Arizona, you must demonstrate at least three years' experience while having a real estate broker license, or having a real estate salesperson license in Arizona during the five-year period immediately preceding the application. If this experience was in another state, you need to obtain a certified license history from the other state(s).

If you previously held an agent's license, and it has expired and wasn't renewed, you may request certification of prior Arizona licensure and education within one year. Various educational and other requirements might apply.


The fee for the salesperson examination is $90. The license application fee is $60, fingerprint processing is $29 and the Recovery Fund Fee is $10.

The examination fee for a broker license is $115. Other fees are $125 for the license application, $10 for the Recovery Fund Fee, and $29 for fingerprint processing.

You must pay $60 plus $10 for each month late, not to exceed $60 more to renew a license. A broker pays $125 plus $20 for each month late, not to exceed $120.

Additional Requirements

Correspondence courses are not accepted for real estate agent training. Courses must be actual classroom hours. This is true for both pre-licensure and for continuing education in Arizona.

You may take real estate courses may be taken at a college or university in Arizona, or at an approved Arizona real estate school.

If the commissioner determines that your work experience in a real estate related field is equivalent to the pre-licensure education requirement, he or she may waive the education requirements. A real estate license in another state may qualify you for a educational waiver. There are over 50 approved Arizona real estate schools in the state.

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