Landlords' Maintenance Responsibilities

A landlord has many responsibilities concerning maintenance on the home or apartment that he or she is renting. A tenant pays so much a month in exchange for having a maintained and well cared for home or apartment. The tenant expects the landlord to provide all repairs which may be necessary to a home or apartment and to keep the location regularly maintained. It is also expected that should any disasters occur which damages the home which is not the tenant's fault the landlord will expediently take care of the problem or adjust the rent of the tenant in order to compensate for the hardship the individual(s) is/are going through.

What a landlord should be doing for a tenant when coming to the premises is to provide the tenant with an advance 24 hours notice before he or she steps foot on the property. This is no different whether the landlord wishes to show the property to prospective buyers or if he or she merely wishes to check on the property. Not doing this is an invasion of the tenant's rights and is also illegal.

Maintainance Responsibilities

The landlord is also responsible for making sure that all items on the premises are not only maintained but that all defunct items are removed in a timely fashion from the area. This includes trash which was left by the previous tenants or if any work has been done and the remains have been left behind. Many landlords do not wish to go to the expense of paying for trash removal, but the laws which are currently in effect state they must do this. It is also allowed for the tenants to remove the trash and have it deducted from your rent to which your landlord is not allowed to refuse.

Avoiding Maintainance Costs

Many landlords will balk at paying for certain things and will often try to find ways out of doing the repair they need to as they wish to save money. However, it is the legal duty of a landlord to maintain a property that he or she is renting out. If there is an objection from the landlord, there are laws in effect that will force the landlord to take action otherwise legal action will be taken against the landlord.

There are a few things to try to make sure that it still gets done, if your landlord does not do what they are legally obligated to. One that you can do is refuse to turn in your rent until these repairs are finished. This is legal because they are not fulfilling their duties. You are also able to take the payment out of the rent that you would be paying and have it done yourself or even to pay a lower rent because the house is not up to the standards that it should be.

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