Consulting With a Foreclosure Lawyer

When do Consumers Need to Consult With a Foreclosure Lawyer?

  • If your Lender issued a notice of default or lis pendens action by your lender.
  • When you are falling behind in your mortgage payments.
  • Need to sell your home in a short sale transaction.
  • Think you have been the victim of predatory lending practices.
  • Seeking a mortgage modification.
  • Negotiating a forbearance of debt with your lender.
  • Filing for bankruptcy.

How to Find a Foreclosure Lawyer?

The majority of Foreclosure Lawyers market themselves through various sources such as newspapers, radio commercials, word of mouth, or any other public directories. Our website has thousands of Foreclosure Lawyers that are eager to offer free case reviews in seeing if they can be of assistance to you in preventing foreclosure. If you need more information and would like to explore your options, get a free case review from a local Foreclosure Lawyer.

Is there a fee for an Initial Consultation?

No. Lawyers do not charge an initial consultation fee. They will discuss your foreclosure defense options available. At this initial consultation, you can then ask what the fee is for their services. The process will be explained to you, and you can then make a decision as to which option you wish to pursue.

What documents should I bring to the Consultation?

Your lawyer will want to see a copy of your mortgage, note, any correspondence from the lender, your recent mortgage payment coupon, foreclosure pleadings filed by the lender against you, copies of any notices of default, and closing documents when you purchased the property. If you are going to be asking for a mortgage modification or short sale, then you will need to have a copy of your last two paycheck stubs, two months worth of bank statements and last two year's tax returns.

Interviewing the Foreclosure Lawyer

When interviewing and consulting with the foreclosure lawyer, you will want to make sure that the lawyer is a foreclosure defense attorney. The reason is that this is a very specialized area of law right now and you want to use an attorney that has experience and a track record of success. Ask the lawyer how long he has been doing foreclosure defense work and how many cases he has successfully negotiated. A lot of attorneys are not experienced in this area and it is a mistake to use someone who does not know the procedures, practices and what affirmative defenses to make on your behalf.

Make sure that your attorney is a forensic review specialist or that he will be using one to review your loan documents to determine if you have been a victim of any predatory lender practices.

Ask how often your attorney will update you on the progress of your case, and how he or she will communicate with you (email, telephone, in person or in writing).

Making a Decision

If you are comfortable with working with this particular attorney, then you will probably want to hire the attorney as soon as possible to help you keep your home or investment property.

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