Preparing for A Meeting with Your Divorce Coach or Lawyer

It is time for you to take your next steps in the divorce process. This means it is time to meet with your divorce coach or lawyer. What will this entail and what should you do to prepare for this important step? I believe that getting informed is the best thing to do. You will gain important insight into the process as well as begin to understand it. There are literally tons of resources to help you get informed about the process of divorce. You can read online articles, blog posts, and books. My personal favorite is "Crazy Life Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life." This book helps any beginner with the steps to take to get from start to finish.

After you have completed the initial research process, get your questions together about what you want to know more about. It can be helpful to get answers to your questions from your attorney. This way, you understand what you are actually going to face and will be better prepared to face it rather than succumb to anxiety.

Besides creating a list of questions for your meeting, have an idea of the goals you want for your case. You need to articulate what you expect the outcome to be. Your attorney or divorce coach will be able to help you meet those goals as long as they are realistic. If they aren't, don't worry. He or she will be able to help redirect your goals so that you can get what you want with realistic divorce expectations.

Create a Plan

Now is the time to get organized so you can implement that divorce plan. You may already have a folder ready from filing your initial divorce documents by yourself or with the help of another lawyer. Assemble everything you need to in a way that allows you easy access to each document, letter, or note. You might find that it helps to organize items by date or by category of the divorce process. Whatever works for you, have everything organized ahead of the meeting. Make sure to bring everything from the complaint to the summons and so on for your appointment.

Make sure to prepare for your meeting by being ready to be patient. You must be patient and have an open mind going into your first meeting.

Your attorney or coach is going to want you to get everything you want just as you do. Remember that there are sure to be compromises that must be made along the way. Be open-minded and optimistic. Be willing to do exactly what your lawyer suggests. If you have no experience with divorce or legal proceedings, a lot of what you will be exposed to will seem foreign and confusing. Don't worry. Your attorney is there to help you process everything.

However, remember that you must be willing to compromise in order to reach the ultimate goal of completing the divorce process. Divorce is stressful and sometimes painful but your attorney or coach is there to help reduce the divorce discomfort and help you reclaim your life. Be patient with both the process and your lawyer's instructions. Always ask any questions no matter how silly you may think they are. Besides following your divorce coach's directions, listen to your own heart. Be open to the divorce proceeding as a process that will require your patience more than anything for a successful conclusion.

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