Pre-divorce Planning - Do You Have An Exit Strategy?

Are you thinking about leaving your spouse or domestic partner? You need a proper divorce plan to do it. It’s not about taking everything from your ex and leaving them without a penny. You need to make smart choices and avoid getting emotional about it. By thinking about your next steps with a clear mind, you will be in a better position after the divorce.

The Children

Separation is more complicated as a parent. You need to be prepared to inform your children about the divorce and you need to do it together with your spouse. You need to plan how to help your kids cope with the situation and the impact it will have on their lives. You can check out local resources and reach out to your support system to remove as much anxiety as possible from the whole process.


After the separation, alimony and child support will come in handy but it doesn’t take care of everything. If you are a partner with a higher income, you should be prepared for a large impact on your income. Damage control is important but you shouldn’t leave your spouse penniless. That’s where financial planning comes in handy in a divorce.

You should seek legal advice to have an idea of how much you should receive or pay to your partner. Prepare a budget and handle your debt at all times. Reduce your credit card expenditures and pay your bills on time to avoid any issues in court. Start prioritizing your bills to ensure that the crucial ones are handled such as insurance, mortgage, rent, credit card payments, utilities, income taxes, and loans.

Do you have financial statements from all your family accounts? If not, you need to get them immediately. Take inventory of every personal property including taking photos or videos of everything in the house. It’s hard to prove the existence of these things when they disappear after the separation.

However, with the evidence, you will alleviate most of the headaches that come with a divorce. The law states that you are both entitled to access every financial document. Be prepared that your spouse might start stonewalling you resulting in a lot of time wastage and an expensive litigation process.


If you want to be self-sufficient after a divorce, you need to make your career plans a top priority. If you can’t support yourself after the separation, you should consider career counseling, going back to school, re-training, and any other divorce resource as soon as possible.

The Future

Yes, a divorce can be quite devastating. The joint goals you might have had in your marriage have now disappeared. Even worse, you might be struggling with depression. It’s time to create new and achievable goals for your future. Start by writing down a list of what you can accomplish, both in the long and short term.

With something productive and positive to look forward to, you will have a better time than wallowing in despair and depression. You should think about reaching out to your family and friends. You can also make new friends who don’t know your spouse. It might sound uncomfortable or silly to talk to a divorce support group but a lot of people have benefited from it and so can you.

You will feel less lonely or isolated by reaching out to people. Divorce isn’t easy but you need to focus on your financial and emotional well-being. That way, you can handle your current situation and future effortlessly. Even better, you can feel self-empowered. Your divorce might also be less messy if you try these personal goals during the process.

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