Suffering from a Slip and Fall Injury? Your Actions Matter

Slip and fall injuries fall under premise liability. If you plan to pursue a slip and fall lawsuit, the actions you take immediately after the injury are critical to the outcome of your case. Immediate actions are what help prove your case - especially because premise liability cases are some of the more difficult ones to present in court. As the injured party, you must prove you were injured as well as prove that the property owner is responsible.

Premise liability cases require that you prove there were dangerous conditions that led to your injury – but also that the property owner did nothing to prevent your injury. If you were injured, you should contact a premise liability attorney right away and follow these critical steps.

Document, Document, Document

You need the details of your injury for your case as well as your appointment with a premise liability attorney. The more details you write down right away, the easier it will be to prove your case. Some things you need to write down include, but are not limited to:

What caused you to fall, such as an icy sidewalk, spilled liquid on the floor, etc.?

What defects did you see at the time you fell or were there any objects that caused you to fall?

Was the situation dangerous?

Did the property owner alert you to the dangers by putting up warning signs, such as a "wet floor" sign to indicate they had just moped?

See a Doctor

You must prove you were injured; therefore, you need a medical professional who can testify to your injuries. Visit a doctor immediately after your injury and do not wait a few days or even a few weeks. Even if the injury is minor or appears minor, documenting through a medical professional proves there was some form of injury.

Ensure your doctor documents, in detail, the scope of the injury – including supporting documentation such as x-rays, MRIs and treatments that were prescribed.

Premise liability cases are highly complex and depending on your injury and particular case, it is likely you'll need an attorney who can help you collect evidence and file your lawsuit. An experienced attorney can help you get through the process as quickly as possible – and help you get the compensation you need to start the healing process.

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