Social Media And Your Personal Injury Case

When you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, there is one very important thing that your personal injury attorney is going to recommend, and that is to stay off of social media. Social media has become one of the most damaging factors to any personal injury case.
Insurance Companies Love Social Media

It has become common practice for insurance companies to start searching for claimants on social media sites as soon as they are notified of a pending lawsuit. People love to "share their life" on social media, and this can be damaging to your personal injury case. Even things that may seem absolutely harmless can be quickly turned into something bad by the insurer.

One example to consider is the person who was making a claim for a spine injury received in a car accident. The injury was very real and the victim of the car accident had suffered a lot of pain and financial damages from the event. However, during the time when the case was being reviewed, pictures were posted on her personal social media showing her standing on skis and waving at the camera. The picture was titled only "Me Skiing."

Now her friends knew that the picture was from the previous year and that she had made earlier posts that she was going through old photographs while she was come and couldn't return to work, but that did not matter. The post was dated on that day and simply said "Me Skiing." The insurance company immediately began to deny the claim and her accident lawyer had to do a lot of negotiating to save the case.

Simple posts that seem harmless can be very dangerous.

Do Not Talk About The Accident Or Your Case On Social Media – Ever

If you feel that you must inform your followers that you have been involved in an accident, you must keep the information so bland that it cannot be twisted into something bad. "I was involved in an accident earlier today and have been injured" should be the extent of the post. Adding a simple, "but I'm doing okay now" to the end of that sentence can ruin your claim for compensation.

Additionally, never admit to any type of fault to an accident you were involved in on social media. Stating that you have hurt yourself in a slip and fall event is one thing, Stating that you hurt yourself in a slip and fall event and you probably shouldn't have been wearing the shoes you were wearing because they slip so easily is another.

As you can see, it is very easy to have something simple changed into something dramatic.

Listen To Your Attorney

Your accident attorney will most likely also ask you to speak to your friends and family about refraining from discussing your injuries or your case on social media. Since it is so easy to see relatives and friend groups on these social sites, insurance companies often scan these accounts also looking for information on you.
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