Personal Injury in Rhode Island

If you acted in a careless manner and were partially responsible for your injury, you may still recover your damages as long as your percentage of the fault is no higher than 99 per cent. This is called the pure comparative fault rule; Rhode Island is one of the relatively few states in which this rule is implemented.

If one person was responsible for your injury, you may collect compensation from that person. If a group of people was negligent and caused you to be injured, Rhode Island state law allows you to collect the full amount of damages from a single member of the group. This member can collect damages from the other negligent people and can receive amounts relative to the fault each person bears.

Rhode Island Personal Injury at a Glance

Rhode Island Personal Injury Laws

Statute of Limitations

3 Years
Damages Recoverable Lost wages, future earning ability, medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, cost of household help
Strict Liability Product manufacturer may be liable for injuries sustained by use of a consumer product
Joint Liability Any defendant that is found to be at fault is joint and severally liable for all damages
Contributory Negligence Pure comparative fault: you may recover damages based on proportion of fault as long as your percentage share of fault is 99% or less.

There is also an allowance for a person who has been injured by a consumer product. As long as the product had a defect which made it dangerous, and the defect was responsible for causing the injury, you are eligible to collect money for the damages. However, you will not be able to collect any money unless you were using the product in the way the manufacturer intended.

What Costs Are Covered?

Under Rhode Island state law, you may recover any costs that came about because of the injury. These costs include hiring household help during your recovery, mental and emotional damages, time off from work, and any damaged property. You may also receive compensation if family relations were damaged due to the injury. If the injury led to medical expenses, whether they are in the past, present, or expected to arise in the future, you are entitled to compensation. You may also recover the costs of unchangeable disfigurements or disabilities. If your ability to work was compromised, you can recover that cost, as well.

What to Do?

Before talking with any insurance adjuster, you would be wise to consult with a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer. He or she will be able to help you decide on the best course of action and can provide guidance if you require the assistance of expert witnesses to confirm the damages.

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