Personal Injury in Mississippi

After suffering from a serious injury or wrongful death individuals or families usually want to seek justice. They want the responsible party to admit their negligence and compensate the suffering individual or individuals. In order to get the best results for any personal injury case in Mississippi a lawyer is needed. While it is possible to settle a personal injury claims without the help of a lawyer it is better to rely on an experienced lawyer in order to get faster, more efficient, results.

Mississippi Personal Injury Law at a Glance

Mississippi Personal Injury Laws

Statute of Limitations

3 Years
Damages Recoverable Lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, future earning ability, cost of household help, pain and suffering
Strict Liability Product manufacturer may be liable for injuries caused by a consumer product
Joint Liability Each defendant liable for percent of damages as determined by court
Contributory Negligence Damages may be awarded if plaintiff is up to 99% at fault, but may be reduced by proportion of plaintiff's responsibility.

Hire Locally

Whenever possible always attempt to hire a lawyer that is close in proximity to you. Even though it might be tempting to hire a lawyer that is from a larger city it will usually be more convenient to deal with a lawyer that is close to your house or place of employment. This will help make things easier for you to attend any last minute meetings or to stop by with questions that you would prefer to ask in person. Having an attorney that is near your home in Mississippi will make it possible for you to conduct business without scheduling an appointment or planning a mini-road trip.

Check Their Specialization

Personal injury in Mississippi is really just a blanket term used to describe many types of injury. Personal injury can cover accidents in businesses, a work related injury, or even a car accident. It is important to find out what sort of personal injury the lawyer you are interested in specializes in. Always hire a lawyer that specializes in your type of injury. If you are suffering from a head injury that took place at work contact a lawyer that specializes in head injuries or work related injuries if not both. A lawyer that is familiar with your injury area will know what settlements are reasonable and the best way to present your case.

Check the Lawyers Reputation

After you have found a lawyer that understands your type of personal injury who is willing to take your case check their background. Find out if anyone in your area has had either a negative or positive experience with them. Also, find out how many cases they have successfully settled out of court and won in court.

Even if a lawyer has a wonderful personal reputation and background this might not outweigh the fact that they have lost more than half of their cases. In addition to looking for word of mouth feedback check with the local BBB and the Bar Association to see if anyone has ever filed a complaint or grievance about them. Make sure you check to see if the lawyer has ever practiced in any other states and, if so, check their background in that state.

For more information about your specific case, contact a Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer.

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