Personal Injury in Maine

Dealing with a personal injury in Maine can be an extremely stressful period in anyone's life. Not only does the injury affect the injured party, it also affects their family, friends, and even co-workers. During the initial period of the injury work is often missed meaning the family is short on funds. Once the injured person can return to work, if they are ever able to return to work, they often find they must miss work to go to doctor's appointments, pick up medication, or go home because they are still hurt. This creates a financial burden for the family because of lost wages and sometimes stress when coworkers start to resent the additional burden they have to face because of their extra duties.

Maine Personal Injury Laws at a Glance

Maine Personal Injury Laws

Statute of Limitations

6 Years
Damages Recoverable Cost of household help, pain and suffering, property damage, medical expenses, future earning ability, lost wages
Strict Liability Product manufacturer may be liable for injuries caused by a consumer product
Joint Liability Each defendant liable for percent of damages as determined by court
Contributory Negligence Comparative Negligence: If plaintiff is found even 99% at fault, damages may be awarded and reduced based on percentage of fault.

Reasons to File a Claim

The state of Maine is extremely generous to those who are suffering because of an injury that they are not 100 per cent responsible for. Anyone in Maine who can prove that another individual, or group of individuals, was responsible for their injury can file a lawsuit to receive compensation. The compensation can cover a wide variety of things.

An individual can be compensated for any wages that are lost. This includes wages lost when work is missed after the initial injury and any hours missed for doctors appointments. The injured person can also be compensated for the money they were forced to spend on co-pays, medication, and other items related to the injury. In Maine a person can even be compensated for the mental and emotional suffering the injury caused them and their families.

What you Should Document for your Claim?

It is important to document many different events that take place even before your lawsuit is filed. Write down everything that happened during and after the accident. Even write down conversations that you have with doctors, insurance agents, and police officers that were at the scene (if any). Also write down the conversations you had with any witnesses including what they might have told you about the accident or injury.

Things you Should Give your Lawyer

When you choose a lawyer it is important that you provide your lawyer with the information that they will need in order to win your case. This includes the names and contact numbers of any potential witnesses and the names and badge numbers of any police officers you talked to. Also give your lawyer copies off all of your medical records, and bills even if they have been paid by your insurance company.

For more information about your specific case, contact a Maine Personal Injury Lawyer.

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