Impoving the Odds of Full Recovery For Your Personal Injury

Many people who are involved in an accident do not seek medical attention promptly or adequately document the facts of how the accident occurred. Consequently, if they have to file an insurance claim, they do not have "proof" of the injury or the evidence which supports their explanation of how the accident occurred.

Get Medical Attention and Documentation

So, if you are in an accident where you are injured, don't just go home and think you will be "ok". Go to the emergency room and see a doctor; get checked out. If you have an injury which is serious you will be treated and the fact of the injury will be documented by the emergency room doctor. If it turns out you are not seriously hurt, that is great. That fact will also be documented.

Consider Staying Home from Work

If you are hurt, don't drag yourself into work. You won't be productive at work, you won't help your recovery and you will be proving to the insurance company who is handling your claim that you were not hurt. After all, injured people don't go to work, just like injured people do go to the doctor.

Collect Evidence

You also need to write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of the witnesses who saw what happened and can support your version of the facts. Don't rely on the police getting all of this information. They frequently do not!

Write down what happened in the accident and then in the days following write down how the injury has effected you; time loss from work, costs associated with the injuries, what you are not able to do on a daily basis, and how you feel. Having this documentation will help you "remember" just how big of a deal this whole chapter is in your life when you have to testify about the facts in order to recover the damages you are due from the other party's insurance company.

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