Personal Injury in California

Dealing with personal injury can be extremely difficult for anyone to manage. In addition to being painful, or even traumatic, it can create a series of financial events that leave your family set back for months, years, or a lifetime. With all of this in mind it is important that you take advantage of your right to file a lawsuit for personal injury in California if you find yourself in an unbearable position.

California Personal Injury Law at a Glance

California Personal Injury Laws

Statute of Limitations

2 Years
Damages Recoverable Cost of household help, lost wages, property damage, future earning ability, medical expenses, pain and suffering
Strict Liability Product manufacturer may be liable for injuries caused by a consumer product.
Joint Liability Each defendant liable for all economic losses suffered by plaintiff. All noneconomic losses are divided among defendants by percent of fault as determined by court
Contributory Negligence Plaintiff's award reduced by percentage of the injured party's own negligence.

Knowing Your Rights

If you are the victim of an injury in California it is important that you know and understand your rights to be compensated. In situations where your injury was the result of the negligence or carelessness of others then you have a legal right to file a suit against them to recover damages. As long as you are connected to the duty the person was trying to perform when you were injured and the person, or people, owed it to you not to do you harm then you have a right to file.

Seek Legal Advice

Do not jump into anything because many companies will offer small settlements that will not cover your long term expenses. Talk to a lawyer before you make any agreements verbally or written. Anything statement you make, no matter how innocent, might possibly be used against you. Once you have been injured and you realize that you need to file a suit to get your life back in order contact a lawyer.

There are many lawyers in California who specialize in protecting those who have suffered from personal injury. These lawyers will often work without any upfront payment necessary and they will represent you both in and outside of court. With an experienced lawyer on your side you will no longer need to worry about trying to deal with insurance companies or pushy, responsible, individuals that are hoping to avoid a lawsuit.

California's Joint and Several Liability

California is a state that believes in taking care of anyone who was wrongfully injured. They see that all responsible parties are made to feel the full weight of their negligent actions. Instead of allowing the brunt of the financial burden to be split when multiple parties are involved in "economic" damages they make each responsible party pay the full judgment. These damages include lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses directly associated to your injury. In addition to these damages California will award pain and suffering or emotional distress damages but will allow those at fault to split the judgment based on their individual percentages of negligence.

For more specific information about your case, contact a California Personal Injury Lawyer.

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