Nursing Home Neglect and Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse can take many forms and is not limited physical, emotional, or psychological abuse. Any time a nursing home patients are ignored, taken advantage of, over medicated, molested, or shamed they are suffering nursing home neglect.

Families face the difficult decision of placing their older relatives in a nursing care home every day. They suppose their loved ones will receive the elder home care they need and the family may not be capable of providing at home. Instead, many of them are subject mistreatment, abandonment, and humiliation at the hands of the very people that have been entrusted with their care and well being.

Convalescent home neglect or abuse is not always easy to identify. Many forms of neglect do not leave physical marks. The lack of attention or action in the care of the elderly can be just as damaging as a deliberate or willful act of harm or punishment. Any act in the care of an elderly person that leaves that person vulnerable and subject to harm, injury, or death is nursing home neglect according to elder care law.

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), nursing home abuse or neglect can include:

  • Verbal Abuse is the inflicting of emotional or psychological distress on a person by verbally abusive language such as insults, verbal assaults, demining, or degrading language.
  • Sexual Abuse is nonconsensual sexual advances or sexual contact by force or with a person unable of giving consent and can include actions such as rape, molestation, sexual assault, inappropriate touching, and coerced nudity.
  • Financial Abuse is the improper or illegal use of a person's funds, assets, or property for personal gain without permission or authorization to do so and can include such acts as falsifying a person's signature to have access to their funds, deceiving a person to relinquish rights to funds or property, or outright stealing from a person.
  • Physical Abuse is the use of physical force that may cause bodily injury, pain, or impairment because of a violent act such as hitting, beating, pushing, burning, use of restraints, and/or inappropriate use of medications.
  • Emotional Abuse is the use abusive language to humiliate and devalue a person and can include actions such as depriving an individual access to family and friends or pleasurable activities, forcing social isolation on a person, or refusing to acknowledge a person.
  • Psychological Abuse is the use of threats, intimidation, and/or harassment to force a person to act a certain way.
  • Neglect is the failure to provide care that falls within the duties and obligations of a healthcare or elderly care provider and can include failure to meet fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Abandonment is the desertion of a person by a healthcare or elderly care provider in violation of his/her assumed responsibilities and duties.

Nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse is an unforgivable crime perpetrated on the most vulnerable segment of our society.

If you have been or if you know someone who is a victim of nursing home neglect, contact a nursing home injury lawyer with experience in elderly abuse and nursing home neglect to put a stop to this heinous crime and help the victim get compensation for their humiliation and exploitation. Our senior citizens need understanding and care in their hour of need, not be stripped of their dignity by abusive hands.

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