Drug Litigation

Over the past years more and more adverse side effects have seriously threatened the health and wellbeing of patients who have taken certain pharmaceutical prescription drugs. The purpose of pharmaceutical drugs is to promote wellness and health. At the same time, once a drug continues to do harm, drug litigation attorneys step in to hold the pharmaceutical companies accountable and responsible for manufacturing potential death traps for our society.

If you have been harmed by taking certain drugs you should seek medical attention immediately

The Food and Drug Administration

Each year hundreds of new drugs are manufactured and sold in the United States. Each and every product has to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration before it is further sold to the consumer. However, many pharmaceutical companies pressure the FDA to speed up their processes in order to pick up sales sooner.

It is estimated that each year over 200,000 people die from using such drugs and still over 50 percent of the drugs have lethal side effects even though FDA tests were undertaken.
Once a drug has been known to harm people, it is often recalled from sale. At the same time, many harmful drugs continue to be sold, despite of evidence of serious side effects or even death.

Dangerous Drugs

In certain cases, drugs have caused such widespread harm that class action lawsuits have been brought against the manufacturer. Examples include Fen Phen, Rezulin, Propulsid and Baycol. However, similar concerns have been raised about dietary supplements which are sold on various occasions and are mostly readily available to a large range of customers.

As mankind becomes more and more dependent on drugs it is crucial to pay close attention to the potential dangers involved in pharmaceutical products. For this reason, it is each and every consumer's duty to monitor any alarming statistics and developments on the drug market. Once a drug has found to have adverse side effects, it is the responsibility of the pharmaceutical company to withdraw the drug and compensate whoever has suffered pain or loss due to their defective product.

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