Five Common Mistakes Made After Personal Injuries

The moments after a personal injury accident are often filled with confusion and angst. Very few people anticipate suffering a personal injury or being involved in a car accident; therefore, it is rare for someone to know what to do after a personal injury incident. As a result, it is not uncommon for injury victims to make certain mistakes. Some of these mistakes are rather benign; however, some mistakes can seriously prejudice the victim's opportunity to recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Common Personal Injury Mistakes

Some of the more common mistakes made in personal injury lawsuits that can impact the victim's ability to recover compensation for his or her injuries include:

  1. Mistake 1: Not summoning police to investigate the accident. In the case of a car accident or bus accident especially, you will want to ensure police are summoned to the scene of the accident. A police investigation can identify important witnesses and evidence and even identify a suspected cause of the accident. This makes a police report an invaluable resource for the personal injury victim.

  2. Mistake 2: Not collecting evidence and witness information. If you are able to do so after a personal injury accident, you should attempt to locate witnesses at the scene and collect their contact information. You should also attempt to collect photographs of the scene and your injuries. Provide whatever information or evidence you are able to collect to your attorney. Photographs and eyewitness testimony are strong and persuasive evidence that can be used to support your case and increase your chances of obtaining compensation.

  3. Mistake 3: Not seeking medical attention. It is not uncommon for you to feel "okay" after an injury. When the adrenaline subsides, however, you may notice pain and aches you did not notice in the moments after the injury. If you wait before seeking medical attention after an injury incident, you may have a more difficult time in recovering the full amount of compensation you need. You can also have difficulty in connecting your injuries to the accident.

  4. Mistake 4: Not filing your lawsuit quickly. If you wait too long to file your injury lawsuit, you may be precluded from seeking any compensation at all. Nevada's statute of limitationsrequires that you file your lawsuit within a certain amount of time after the accident occurs and/or you suffer your injuries.

  5. Mistake 5: Not seeking assistance from an experienced personal injury lawyer. Some people mistakenly believe that their personal injury cases are "clear cut" or that the fault of the defendant is clear. They are sorely disappointed when they discover that recovering compensation through a personal injury lawsuit is more complicated and difficult than they believed.

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