Aviation Law FAQ

1. Q. What is Aviation Law?

A. Aviation law concerns air travel as well as the statutes, injuries and victims of injuries. It also covers the damages sought by these individuals and the litigation process.

2. Q. Can aviation law cover more than just accidents or injuries that occurred while in flight

A. Yes. There are many different injuries or accidents that take place at the airport or before you have actually boarded your flight. You should probably speak to a lawyer to determine whether or not you have an aviation law case.

3. Q. Is it alright to speak with the airline's insurance company after the incident?

A. No, you should never speak to the airline's insurance company. These companies get to work trying to stop individuals from seeking a claim as soon as something has happened. They may try to stop you from seeking compensation. Never speak to them without getting advice from an attorney.

4. Q. Should I hire an aviation law attorney if I feel that I may have a case?

A. It is advisable for you to hire or at least have a consultation with an aviation law attorney. These attorneys are knowledgeable in this area of the law and know the ins and outs of the law. They can tell you whether you have a case or not and how to proceed.

5. Q. What is a typical award in an aviation law case?

A. The award will depend upon the crime committed – and there is no set award. Individuals may seek monetary compensation, reimbursement for medical bills or other types of compensation. Your lawyer will help you determine what award you should seek.

6. Q. I was on a flight where I feel I was discriminated against because of my race. Do I have an aviation law case?

A. You most likely do have an aviation law case if you were truly being discriminated against. You should speak to your attorney to determine whether or not you have a case and how to pursue it.

7. Q. How can I find a competent attorney who specializes in aviation law?

A. There are many aviation experts out there who are knowledgeable in this particular area of law. Your first step might be to seek a recommendation from someone you know. If you prefer to find one yourself, you can request a free consultation with an aviation attorney.

8. Q. How much is the cost of an aviation law attorney?

A. Each lawyer is different and charges different amounts. The amount your desired attorney charges will probably depend upon his or her experience and success within aviation law. Most attorneys in this area work on a contingency basis.

9. Q. What is contingency?

This is when your attorney charges a certain amount based upon the anticipated monetary award. The attorney receives payment from the monetary award only if you win and receives no payment if you lose your case.

10. Q. If I was discriminated against on a plane by an employee of the airline, will I be suing the employee or the airline?

A. Typically, if the employee was on duty and at work, you will sue the airline. This is something you should discuss with your attorney, though. He or she will advise you based on his or her expertise.

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