Road Accident Facts in the US

Despite its advanced technology, the United States has always been one of the most dangerous places for driving among industrialized nations.

Based on the data collected by the Federal Highway Administration, about 6,420,000 car accidents occurred in 2005 alone. It means one death in every 13 minutes or 155 deaths daily. In these crashes, 2.9 million people were injured while 42,636 were killed. Realizing the need for change, tougher laws on drunk driving and seatbelt use have been implemented.

Car manufacturers have also been required to incorporate safety features such as air bags, seat belts, electronic stability control, run-flat tires and antilock brakes into their cars. Such concerted efforts have decreased death rate on roads since 1966.

Factors that Contribute to Road Accidents

Accidents are caused by various factors. Most of these factors could be avoided. The most common causes are as follows:

1. Mechanical defects

Laws require car manufacturers to adhere to certain standards in manufacturing their cars. Despite extensive research and vehicle tests, equipment failure happens. Tire blowouts, defective brakes, tread separation, steering/suspension failure are among the common types of defects.

With regular inspection and proper maintenance, these failures could certainly be avoided.

2. Road conditions and design

A slippery or unsafe road could make driving extremely dangerous. Road barriers, railway crossings, utility holes and posts and guardrails may also pose threats to motorists. Consequently, state and federal laws are enacted to provide guidelines on their construction with regard to local conditions such as traffic flow, roadway identification signs, weather, road surfaces, etc.

3. Driver's behavior

Driver's error is the most common cause of accident. Drunk driving, distracted driving, tailgating, violating traffic rules, aggressive driving, speeding and abrupt lane changing are just some of a driver's behavior that could cause fatal accidents.

Thus, proper and sufficient training and observance of traffic rules and regulations could reduce road accidents.

Most accidents happen due to any one or combination of the above causes. However, the fact remains that the chance of avoiding vehicle collisions or mishaps is greater if utmost care and diligence in driving are observed.

Since accidents are inevitable, personal injury laws give the victims right to be compensated from injuries sustained. A car accident lawyer is helpful in pursuing their case.

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