Defendants in Defective Car Suits

Next to a house and lot, the next biggest purchase one makes is a car. Hence, you expect it to be safe and in good condition. In case of defects in your newly purchased car, you may sue the party at fault for a car defect injury claim. But before filing a claim, it is necessary to determine the party whom to sue.

Defendants in a Car Defect Injury Case

Naturally, in case of death or injury, the next thing to do is to sue, but you must first determine the party whom to sue. In your personal injury case, you may include any of the following party:


Filing a case against the manufacturer in a product liability case and winning it means that you are surely going to receive compensation for your injuries. Usually, manufacturers are huge companies that have enough resources to settle or make good your claim. However, it also means that they could hire a team of experienced lawyers to defend their cause such that claims against them may be difficult to pursue.

Parts Manufacturer

If the accident is due to a defective car part such as the tires or the battery, you should include the manufacturer of that part if it is different from the manufacturer of the car. Even if the defect is only the part, you should include the car manufacturer except when you purchase the defective part separately such as in case of a replacement set of tires.

Car Dealership or Vehicle Supply Shop

You may also hold liable whoever sold the vehicle or the specific defective part to you for damages even if you were not the actual buyer. In fact, even if you just borrowed the car with a defective part, you still have a valid claim against the car's seller.

Middleman or Shipper

A suit for damages may also prosper against any company that was part of the chain distribution. From the car or part manufacturer to the retailer, all of them may be impleaded in the suit.

Used Car Dealer

Dealers of second hand cars may also be held liable for damages. However, the stability of used car dealers depends on special circumstances. The law on this may vary from state to state.

The next time you get into an accident due to a defective car or car part, you know the parties to include. But the process may be a lot easier if a car accident attorney or a product liability lawyer is called to assist you.

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