Auto Accident Law in Utah

Was a police report filed?
  • Utah, like many states, requires that drivers carry insurance on their vehicles and that they are held liable for damages caused by at fault driving. If you are injured, the law states that the insurance policy must pay out a certain amount for each type of injury. In the case of many injuries, the law is very clear. But for other types of injuries, it is somewhat vague. Unfortunately, this is all open to interpretation by legal wrangling between yourself and the insurance company. It is up to you to fight it out with the insurance company and do your best to understand the law where it pertains to you and the injuries that you have sustained.

    Fighting The Insurance Company

    Unfortunately, insurance companies are not in the habit of paying out compensation when they don't have to. Because of this, it is important to remember that you will have to struggle the entire way in order to receive the compensation that the law legally tells you to is yours. Even though the law states very clearly that you are entitled to compensation, it does not necessarily mean that the laws and loopholes cannot be interpreted in ways that are convenient to the insurance companies. These companies are well-known for underhanded tactics and sleight-of-hand, as well as their tendency to exploit the byzantine nature of the auto accident Law in Utah. By relying on your ignorance of the law, insurance companies can ensure that they never pay out more than they have to. By burying their plaintiffs in a mountain of legal paperwork, they quite often get out of paying anything at all, or reduce the amount to a pittance.

    Engaging an Attorney

    Fortunately, with a competent attorney who is experienced with auto accident Law in Utah, you can expect to do far better in your battle against the insurance companies than you might do alone. With a competent attorney, the mountain of legal wrangling and byzantine navigation of auto accident Law in Utah becomes a much simpler matter, relying simply on the attorney and his express knowledge of legal matters. By engaging an attorney, you send the insurance companies the clear message that you are ready to fight and you are very capable of handling your legal affairs competently.

    Staying The Course

    Once you have engaged an attorney, there is only one real course left open to the insurance company and that is to drag out the proceedings as long as possible. By taking as long as possible to pay you and get you your day in court, they are hoping that you will simply give up. Unfortunately, many people do simply give up. It is important that you stand strong and are firmly resolved not to give up your chance at receiving compensation from the courts.

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