Auto Accident Law in Nebraska

Was a police report filed?
  • Car accidents are a brutal reality of the modern world. Even in largely rural states like Nebraska, a pleasant drive along countryside roads can end in sudden disaster. Millions of people are injured in car accidents every year, sometimes seriously. A serious injury can result in expensive medical bills and months, if not years, of lost wages. If you're injured in an accident in Nebraska, you'll want all the help you can get in making sure these costs are covered.

    Lawsuits: When You Can Sue and What For?

    Auto accident law in Nebraska is based on the tort liability, standard fault based system. What this means is that people are allowed to sue other parties if said party's negligence was a cause of the accident. People are allowed to sue for damages to cover a number of accident-related expenses. These can include property damage, medical expenses, lost wages due to missing work, and more. In serious cases, a plaintiff can secure damages for pain and suffering or mental anguish, such as from a permanent disfigurement or disability.

    Who Was At Fault?

    Because auto accident law in Nebraska uses this system, it's important to be able to establish fault. It's very important that you file a police report after an accident occurs, so that as much information about the accident as possible is available. Police will interview parties involved in the accident as well as witnesses to help determine who is at fault in the accident.

    What Modified Comparative Fault Means?

    Fault can be a tricky issue, auto accident law in Nebraska has a clause you should be aware of: Modified Comparative Fault. This law states that if a person is more than 50% at fault for accident in which they are involved, they cannot collect damages from any other parties. In addition, the total amount of damages they can be awarded is based on their actual level of fault. For instance, a person who is determined to be 10% at fault for an accident will have his total damages awarded reduced by 10%.

    Pursuing a lawsuit against a party that you feel was negligent and caused an accident can be a lengthy procedure. However, if you were seriously injured in such a way that prevents you from working, temporarily or permanently, there is a strong chance that you'll be entitled to damages to help cover the costs. In order to pursue a lawsuit against another party, you should retain the services of a lawyer who is experience in auto accident law in Nebraska.

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