Auto Accident Law in Kentucky

Was a police report filed?
  • No-fault auto accident law in Kentucky can be a confusing label, as these laws actually have little to do with who is at fault in an accident. What no-fault laws do cover is what happens with your insurance company when there is an accident that results in personal injury. The basics of the law state that a person involved in an auto accident in Kentucky is entitled to up to $10,000 coverage of expenses related to injury from the accident. The insuring company of the vehicle that the person was riding in is responsible for this payment, for passengers as well as drivers.

    Coverage for an Auto Accident in Kentucky

    The $10,000 coverage provided under auto accident law in Kentucky can be used to pay for medical bills, prescriptions, funeral costs, and to cover lost wages, though only up to $200 per week. While $10,000 is the default amount of coverage, it is possible to achieve additional coverage through certain insurance policies - consult your insurance company for details.

    If may have legal questions or need legal help regarding an Auto Accident, consult with an Attorney in your area to discuss your options.

    Sometimes, $10,000 in personal injury protection isn't enough to cover the extent of the injuries or other complications from an accident. In this case, suing the party at fault for the accident may be the only course of action. Auto accident law in Kentucky has a few requirements that must be met before a lawsuit against another driver can be filed. You can only file suit if your medical bills exceed $1,000, you've suffered a broken bone, or if you've suffered some other permanent injury.

    Suing for Pain and Suffering

    In severe cases, you may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering related to the accident. If you think you have a case, you should contact a personal injury lawyer who excels at auto accident law in Kentucky. Every individual case carries specific issues that a lawyer can help you work through. Regardless of a decision to sue, you're still required to take $10,000 provided by your insurance company's no-fault policy. Note that lost wages that you could recover from your insurance policy can't be won through a lawsuit against another driver.

    You have two years after an auto accident in Kentucky to claim no-fault personal injury protection benefits. Interestingly, claiming these benefits extends the amount of time you have to sue a negligent party - you have until two years after your last personal injury protection payment to file a lawsuit.

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