Auto Accident Law in Kansas

Was a police report filed?
  • According to auto accident law in Kansas, every citizen with a vehicle registered in the state is required to have personal injury protection, or PIP. This type of protection must be included in every insurance policy issued in the state, with a few exceptions such as for motorcycles. The purpose of PIP benefits is to ensure that people are compensated in the event of an auto accident injury for any lost wages or medical bills. Even if the accident was a person's own fault, or it was a single-car accident, PIP benefits can apply.

    PIP benefits are incredibly comprehensive. Just about any injury you receive that has anything to do with an automobile qualifies for benefits under Kansas auto accident law. These benefits follow you wherever you go, so you can receive benefits even if you're injured in an accident in another person's car, or if you are struck by a car while you are walking somewhere.

    One important exception to this is that you can't receive PIP benefits for driving a car that you own that's uninsured. Kansas law requires that you insure each vehicle you own, and you will be denied PIP benefits if you drive an uninsured vehicle.

    Benefits Afforded Under Kansas Auto Accident Law

    There are a number of different benefits provided under Kansas personal injury protection. Disability coverage provides for last wages. The insurance company is generally required to pay 85% of the total amount of your lost wages, up to $900 monthly. In the case of a fatality, PIP also provides up to $2,000 for funeral benefits and can also grant survivor benefits to cover the deceased's lost wages.

    An important auto accident law in Kansas states that the insurance company must provide of a minimum $4,500 in medical expenses and a minimum $4,500 in rehabilitation expenses. These amounts cover hospital bills, medical tests, and prosthetics, as well as occupational therapy and psychological consultations.

    Submitting a Claim

    You should submit any claim for personal injury protection as soon as possible. The insurance company is required to pay your PIP benefits within 30 days of a notification of your claim. The insurance company may request that a doctor of their choosing examines you - this is their right, so they can determine the legitimacy of your injury claim. If PIP benefits don't cover all your accident expenses, or the insurance company refuses to pay, you should enlist the services of a lawyer to help understand your rights under Kansas auto accident law.

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