Auto Accident Law in Iowa

Was a police report filed?
  • Just like most states Iowa sees its fair share of auto accidents. Over the years auto accident law in Iowa has been redefined to help address all of the issues and problems that usually accompany an auto accident. One part of auto accident law in Iowa that is extremely important is the personal injury rules. These laws are important since many auto accidents involve some sort of personal injury claim.

    What is Personal Injury in Auto Accidents?

    The state of Iowa has determined that any type of injury that takes place during a car accident that can be taken to court in the form of a civil suit for a monetary reward can be considered "personal injury". This means that a person who is involved in an auto accident that is caused by the negligence of another can be entitled to compensation for their loss of property and any medical bills that they are forced to pay. If a person dies in an auto accident their immediate family or the deceased heirs have the right to file a lawsuit for wrongful death.

    How Can a Personal Injury Case be Filed

    Auto Accident law in Iowa requires individuals seeking damages through a personal injury civil suit file their lawsuit in the county court where the accident took place or in the county court of the defendant. The individual (or individuals) filing the suit can not file a lawsuit in their own local court and compel the defendant to appear. Before filing a personal injury suit that is related to an auto accident the plaintiff (the person filing the suit) must be sure they have accurate documentation of the events in question.

    A copy of the accident report is often needed along with the contact information of the police officer who appeared at the scene. All doctors' reports and medical files should be kept along with all bills for medical treatments, prescription medications purchased, and other medically necessary equipment. If the accident has resulted in lost wages pay stubs should be available to show the decrease in pay. These documents will be used to help determine fault and the amount of the monetary award.

    Is a Lawyer Needed

    Many people involved in Iowa auto accidents are not sure if they need to hire an attorney or not. In the majority of cases claims can be settled quickly since auto insurance companies want to pay out as soon as possible to close the case. However, if you are a person who has been involved in an accident with a person who did not have insurance or you have suffered serious injury that could cause long term damage find an attorney experienced with auto accident law in Iowa.

    Most insurance companies are interested in settling easily and cheaply and will not be looking out for your best interest. If you have suffered an injury that will require long term care then you should consult an attorney that will be able to get you the maximum settlement possible. Do not let money stop you from seeing an attorney. In Iowa many attorneys work on a contingency basis meaning they will get a percentage of the settlement that they win for you.

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