Auto Accident Law in Georgia

Was a police report filed?
  • Auto accidents in Georgia are often complicated and time consuming. Those accidents that involve trucks are even more expensive and time consuming than the average auto accident. Since Georgia has the fourth highest number of truck accidents in the nation understanding the auto accident law in Georgia and how it applies to truck accident will help you get through the time consuming litigation that is often part of truck auto accidents. Even after you have learned the basics of auto accident law in Georgia and how the law applies to truck accidents you must constantly check for changes in the federal and local laws.

    Insurance and Licensing Laws

    The auto accident law in Georgia for truck drivers does not limit involvement to local authorities. When a truck accident occurs in Georgia the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration can all become involved in the accident and any future litigation. The auto accident law in Georgia requires that all truck drivers pay special taxes on fuel and that they obtain a special license allowing them operate a truck. The federal government also requires that truck drivers maintain at least $750,000.00 worth of insurance if they plan to leave the state of Georgia with their truck.

    When a Truck Accident Occurs?

    Even though many people involved in auto accidents are tempted to handle claims themselves this is discouraged if trucks are involved. Since the auto accident law in Georgia will also end up involving federal laws it is important that anyone involved in a truck accident hires an experienced attorney that has successfully handled truck accidents in the past. An experienced attorney will be able to determine which parties are at fault and what forms need to be filed in order to receive maximum compensation for all injuries and property damages. To help your attorney you must document everything that occurred during your truck accident including weather conditions, road conditions, and any other factor that could have contributed to the accident.

    Litigation for Truck Accidents in Georgia

    Auto accident law in Georgia has a statute of limitations that applies to truck accidents as well as auto accidents involving cars and motorcycles. All claims and lawsuits must be filed within two years of the accident. Georgia will not award damages to anyone who files a lawsuit after the two years have passed. After an accident occurs it is important to retain a lawyer and file suit as soon as possible to help ensure that you are awarded damages for personal injuries and loss of property.

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