Auto Accident Law in Florida

Was a police report filed?
  • The auto accident law in Florida can be difficult to interpret even at the best of times. Florida is a state that has different guidelines for accidents involving trucks that can create confusion for those that are familiar with the guidelines for car and motorcycle accidents. The best way to stay current with auto accident law in Florida is to learn, and stay updated, on truck auto accident law and car auto accident law in Florida.

    Florida no Fault Law

    The state of Florida is a no fault insurance state meaning that after an auto accident occurs the law requires individuals to use their own insurance policy to compensate them for personal injury or property loss. This law is designed to force individual drivers to get and keep auto insurance policies. If a person is covered by an extensive health insurance policy or a disability policy that will protect them if they are in an auto accident then the auto accident law in Florida will waive this requirement.

    Dealing With no Fault Accidents

    After an auto accident in Florida all drivers will need to use their own insurance policy. This means no matter who is at fault each driver must use their own insurance for property damage and personal injury expenses. If a driver does not have auto insurance and does not have health insurance or another insurance policy to help them cover expenses they cannot sue the other driver.

    The only exception to this rule is if the injury caused by the accident is so severe that it results in the permanent loss of a bodily function, extreme disfigurement, or even death. In the cases of loss of bodily function and disfigurement the lawsuit can only be filed if it is medically proven that the loss or disfigurement is permanent. Individuals cannot sue based on the likelihood of future damage or pain and suffering.

    Florida Truck Accident Law

    The auto accident law in Florida for trucks is more complex because truck accidents often involve many different factors and can involve several people. These accidents are not covered under the Florida no fault policy which creates an additional complication. Since truck accidents are so complex it is extremely difficult to determine who was ultimately at fault for the accident.

    In addition to dealing with the complicated Florida laws the federal government also regulates truck operators in Florida and can be involved in any litigation. Truck operators are required to maintain between $750,000.00 and $5,000,000.00 in insurance on their vehicles. If you are involved in an auto accident involving a truck it is important that you hire an attorney experienced with Florida truck accidents to help you file your lawsuit or settle your claim.

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