Auto Accident Law in Connecticut

Was a police report filed?
  • Auto accidents often involve more than physical pain and property damage. After an auto accident some individuals are traumatized unable to even look at a vehicle with nervousness or fear. In many states this problem is not addressed and victims of car accidents are only able to receive compensation related to their obvious injuries. While this can be acceptable to some many others have been forced to suffer in silence with no hope of even being compensated for their pain. The auto accident law in Connecticut has made it possible for victims of auto accidents to receive compensation for their suffering.

    Pain and Suffering Compensation

    The state of Connecticut allows victims of auto accidents that were not their fight receive what is called "non-economic" damages. These damages are monetary compensation for problems attributed to an accident that are not always evident in black and white. Awarding pain and suffering damages is still controversial in many states because it is hard to define what is real suffering and what is imagined or an act. Auto accident law in Connecticut gives individuals a chance to be compensated for mental anguish that has been caused by their accident. It can also lead to compensation for the loss of services because of disfigurement or other problems physical and emotional. Pain ad suffering damages can even be awarded if an individual loses a spouse or companion because of the accident.

    Economic Damages

    If a person files a lawsuit for pain and suffering as well as other emotional damages they are not restricted from seeking traditional economic damages. These damages are usually easier to prove and are therefore easier to receive. Proving economic damages usually involves providing proof of medical expenses and estimations on future medical expenses. These expenses include the cost paid for medicines and equipment needed for medical care as well as rehabilitation that might be needed in the future. Individuals can also receive compensation for any wages that they lose because of their injury and wages that are lost because of future doctor appointments that will be needed for rehabilitation.

    How Much Will be Awarded?

    Auto accident law in Connecticut requires lawsuits to be handled by juries. The jury will be able to decide how much is awarded to the victim of an auto accident. There is absolutely no limit on how much money can be awarded for both economic and non-economic damages.

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