Auto Accident Law in Colorado

Was a police report filed?
  • After an auto accident in Colorado it is important that individuals who feel that they deserve financial compensation file their suits quickly in the appropriate location. Waiting until the last minute to seek legal advice or file suit could lead to an individual losing their right to be awarded financial compensation. This is especially true when the government is involved. To avoid these individuals should understand the auto accident law in Colorado and how it applies to their specific situation.

    Who is at Fault?

    Before filing a lawsuit in Colorado an individual must be able to prove that their accident was caused by the negligence of another. Without this proof no judge or jury will be willing to pass judgment or award damages. To establish negligence it is important that all documents related to the accident be kept in order. These documents should include a report from the police officers who arrived on the scene of the accident along with their names and badge numbers. The findings of any doctors who were seen immediately following the accident should also be part of the records pertaining to a motor vehicle accident. Last, but not least, pictures and a detailed written report of the accident should also be kept. All of this evidence can be used to establish who was at fault during the accident.

    When you Can File?

    Lawsuits can be filed in Colorado immediately after the auto accident takes place. Many people try to wait to deal with the insurance companies directly in hopes of getting a good settlement offer. This is only useful when an individual has time to waste going back and forth with settlement offers since the insurance company is rarely going to make a decent offer initially. If you are tempted to wait for the insurance company to offer a settlement first be aware of the statutes of limitations that are part of the auto accident law in Colorado. Individuals only have two years to file suit for accidents that do not involve government employees or vehicles. This might seem like a long time but two years can fly by if you are injured and hoping for a settlement to help with financial hardships that you and your family are facing. If a government vehicle is involved or a government driver is responsible for the accident then your time for filing a claim or lawsuit could be shorter. Some government facilities require that all suits be filed 30 days after the accident occurs.

    How Much Compensation Will You Receive?

    Compensation is what most people have in mind when they are filing their claim or lawsuit. Before filing lawsuits you must understand that small claims courts in Colorado limit amounts to $7,500. This tempts people to wait for a settlement but if your two years are almost up and you have not received a settlement $7,500 can sometimes be better than nothing.

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