Auto Accident Law in Arkansas

Was a police report filed?
  • The auto accident laws in Arkansas have been established to help ensure that all parties involved in an accident are able to resolve all issues quickly. These laws provide instructions that help individuals involved in an Arkansas accident stay focused on reporting the accident and following all of the measures outlined by law. Failure to follow the laws can result in fines and losing part of the financial compensation you hope to receive.

    Maintaining Insurance in Arkansas

    In order to legally operate a vehicle in Arkansas you must maintain minimum liability insurance on your vehicle at all times. Auto insurance is required to register a vehicle or even transfer a car title. Acceptable auto accident coverage in Arkansas is $25,000.00 per person to take care of personal injuries. Liability insurance should also include a minimum of $25,000.00 to take care of all property damage and at least $50,000.00 in insurance for each accident alone. Arkansas strictly enforces these laws by suspending the driver's license of anyone who has let their auto insurance lapse. In order to receive the best protection possible drivers in Arkansas should maintain more than the minimum insurance coverage.

    After an Accident Occurs in Arkansas

    If the auto accident involves more than $1,000.00 in damages or injury then an accident report will need to be completed. This is required as part of the auto accident law in Arkansas and the motor vehicle accident report must be finished even if the accident was no fault of your own. The only excuse for not filing a report is if you are suffering from an injury that is serious the report cannot be completed. Otherwise individuals involved in a motor vehicle accident should complete within 30 days from the date of accident or immediately after recovery.

    Filing Claims in Arkansas

    In some cases the individual responsible for the vehicle accident does not have coverage or their minimum liability insurance will not be able to cover their financial obligations. When this happens it is possible for injured individuals to receive compensation through civil suit. Suit is usually recommended in cases where there is extensive personal injury that has resulted in loss of wages, property, and medical bills that an individual cannot afford to pay. In order to receive the maximum compensation available all parties involved in a motor vehicle accident in Arkansas should seek medical attention immediately following an accident and keep copies of all documentation relating to the accident including medical reports and police reports.

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