Auto Accident Law in Arizona

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  • Auto accident laws vary from state to state and it is extremely important that you find out the laws of your state before, or immediately after, moving. The state of Arizona offers victims of auto accidents a chance to receive compensation for damages that is rewarded based on the judgment of a judge and/or jury. Before suing for damages after an Arizona car accident it is important to understand the law and how it applies to your situation.

    Arizona Damages Law

    In the state of Arizona the term "Damages" is used to refer to the amount of money that will be awarded to a person that has been hurt as a result of the negligence of another. This term is commonly used in Arizona auto accident law when lawyers and insurance companies fight to determine how much money will ultimately be awarded for compensations. Individuals filing suit and those who are responsible for auto accidents must stay current on the Arizona laws that are used to determine what types of damages are acceptable.

    Economic and Non-Economic Damages

    There are two different types of damages that are commonly part of an Arizona auto accident lawsuit. Economic damages are the damages that most people are familiar with. These damages based on the actual financial damage caused by an auto accident that can usually be easily proved. These damages usually include medical expenses that individual filing the suit or making the claim has had to pay because of a car accident as well as any expenses that they might have to pay in the future for medical care. Lost wages are also considered when determining economic damages and if the individual who is filing suit believes they will no longer be able to earn in the future this lost earning capacity is also taken into account.

    Non-Economic damages are a bit less set in stone and are much harder to determine. These damages can include personal difficult that is attributed to the vehicle accident such as divorce or loss of companionship in some form. Also pain and suffering in the form of physical and mental discomfort can be considered when determining non-economic damages. Some individuals cite anxiety and nervousness when describing mental discomfort. Since it can be hard to prove the level of actual pain and suffering a person is going through and whether or not this level of discomfort is caused by an accident non-economic damages rules can often be considered unfair.

    How Damage Amounts are Determined

    In many cases individuals who are part of an Arizona auto accident choose to settle their case out of court with the help of an attorney. When this is done the insurance company and the lawyer work together to come up with a fair settlement amount. If the case goes to a court then a jury must decide how much damages should be awarded. In the state of Arizona there is no limit on how much money an individual can sue for, who they can sue, and how much they can award. This leads to controversy especially if non-economic damages are awarded.

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