After an Automobile Accident

An automobile accident can be an extremely scary experience for everyone involved. The first thing that you need to do when you have been involved in an automobile accident is to remain calm. Panicking does not help anyone in these situations. Also, you need to check for injuries among yourself, any passengers, and the other people involved.

Getting The Situation Under Control

If the accident is minor and no one is seriously hurt, you should both move your vehicles out of traffic to avoid causing any new accidents. Hazard lights are made for use in this type of situation and should most definitely be used. Regardless of whether or not the accident is serious, you should immediately call the police. If there are any severe injuries, be sure to let the police know this so that they can have an ambulance sent out as well.

Once You Have Gotten The Situation Under Control

Be sure to inform your insurance agent about the accident as soon as possible. Be careful not to sign any form of paperwork, with the exception of any document presented to you by the police or your insurance agent. Try to make notes about the accident, such as the position of the vehicles, the specific damage to all vehicles involved, as well as getting information from the others involved in the accident. When talking to the other driver(s), do not place blame, either on yourself or any of the other drivers. This can be a very bad time to make such accusations, since the incident is so fresh in your mind and your emotions may be clouding your view of the situation. Simply be truthful and speak only in facts to the police and the insurance agent.

Make Sure To Have Proof

Having a camera around can also help you in recording both the accident scene and the vehicles. This helps to have physical proof of the state of the vehicles and of the people at the time immediately after the accident. Remember, the more physical proof you have, the better it is. No one wants to get involved in an accident, especially if they do not receive their insurance claim because of the simple lack of a small thing.

Play It Safe

Never leave the scene of the accident before the police officers have made it clear that you are able to go. Remember, when in doubt, play things on the safe side.

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