North Texas Dog Bites: What You Need to Know

Personal injuries that are the result of a dog bite can leave behind visibly painful injuries, not to mention a massive amount of emotional pain. Each victim of a dog attack has the right to contact a personal injury attorney who can relentlessly fight for their rights and for a just amount of compensation. Personal injury attorneys specialize not only in car accident cases, but in cases involving victims who have been bit by dogs.

Dog bites can leave behind obvious scars that can serve as a long-term reminder of a horrible accident for the victim of a dog attack. Scars and other bodily disfigurements can add potential value to a case due to the fact that it can cause serious psychological damage. Attacks from dogs can cause severe injuries that some people believe is not possible, such as severe disfigurement and scarring to the victim's face, brain injuries, fractures to the skull, and loss of tissue.

Making a Dog Bite Claim

The fact that people can only make personal injury claims against the liable dog owner only if it is known and can be demonstrated that their animal previously attacked another victim before is a misconception. What really needs to be proven is the fact that the owner of the dog or person taking care of the dog was negligent by allowing their dog to be loose and out of their designated area. Regardless if the dog owner did not keep the dog in an appropriate leash when in public or if they did not close the gate, there are many ways the dog's owner can be proved negligent for their actions.

With North Texas having many residential areas and a great amount of neighborhoods, the quantity of people with dogs as pets can equally be as high. Dog owners must be aware of the danger that their dogs can cause, such as attacking innocent bystanders and children, as well as knowing how they can be held responsible should their dog attack someone. Even if the dog bite was caused by a neighbor or friend's dog, victims of dog bites have the available action to file a claim against that person's homeowner's insurance.

Know What Type of Attorney to Hire

When choosing an attorney to represent you in a dog bite case, it is important to choose an attorney who specialized in personal injury cases, which is why you would hire a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys have the expertise and experience of dealing with the insurance company representing the dog bit victim. Through a personal injury attorney the victim of a dog bite can claim compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages as a result of their injuries, and much more!

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